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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conference Craft

My sister and I decided to do a craft during the Priesthood session of conference. We wanted to do something Fall/Halloween and decided on wreaths. Since her door is dark and mine is light we chose different wreaths. There were so many cute options! I literally had Ryan choose it for me because I couldn't decide. It was so easy and only cost $11. I found mine here

-16 in foam wreath
-thick yarn (i bought wool)
-yellow and black felt
-thick card stock

First, I wrapped the yarn around around the wreath. The foam wreaths are great because the yarn sticks right to it.

I traced the bat found here onto the cardstock then cut it onto the felt. 
I cut out two eyes from the yellow felt and used a bowl to trace for the moon. I hot glued them on and that's it!
Toni's was much harder and more complicated because all we had to go off was an image on etsy. We looked hard at how it was made and ended up getting so frustrated. We wrapped and unwrapped it three times, had to run to the store for more gauze, then realized we didn't even need it, but hers will be so cute when finished, and it didn't cost $120 like you could buy it on etsy.

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