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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Josh Groban

Ryan bought us Josh Groban tickets for a birthday/anniversay gift way back in May. We've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to get in the mode. As we were walking to the ESA last night we noticed signs on the doors that said Josh Groban Live will be recorded tonight. I noted to Ryan that that meant we'd get an extra special show. So, look for us on the Josh Groban Awake Tour DVD! The tickets Ryan bought were floor seats, section 3, but Ryan thought they'd be in the back of the floor. We preceded to follow the usher, up, up, up to the very front. She said,
"Here's row 4!"
I told Ryan that I thought I was going to cry. We sat 4 rows back from the stage! The concert was amazing! It seemed really staged to me, which was kind of disappointing, but nevertheless, very good. Included are the reviews from the Trib, and Des News, check them out! Here are some pics I got, along with some video.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


No, this is not of Ryan's colleagues asked him to store it for him for awhile. He has a couple others also. Ryan is happy and can play whenever he wants. Let's hope the neighbors don't get too mad! It looks pretty good though, right?

Take a look at that beauty!

Our countertops finally got installed today. I love the undermount sink!

The color's a little different than I thought, but still looks good with the tile. We're going to have to paint the walls a different color than we planned on to blend it all together.

Our bathroom "uba Tuba."

Looks great! Now we just need to fill in the green....

CEU Scholarship

Just a little shout out to our college. Go Eagles! We made it on the news!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remodel Day 5

Tiling! How fun! It's very unfortunate that our floor was so crappy. My dad came Monday night to look at it, and decided we'd better buy some backerboard to lay down first. So instead of the whole thing taking two hours, it took all day. But, it looks great so far! Ryan and I calculated wrong, so we didn't have enough tile. We ordered more boxes, which won't come in until next week, so our deadline draws nearer still. There's a picture of our new carpet, which we got a free pad upgrade on, and our cabinets that are all painted now. Toni came over on her lunch break to see the Condo, and then she came over after to help lay the tile. Last night we had dinner with my family to celebrate a late birthday for Ryan. (It was on Sunday)

Father's Day

Ryan surprised his Dad for Father's day by giving him Yankees tickets. Ryan teamed up with his cousin, and two brothers, and took a trip to Kansas City the last week in July to watch them play against the Royals. His dad and uncle are huge Yankees fans, but have never seen them play. The boys aren't fans, and like to tease them about it. They took the time to visit some church history sites while they were there. Here are some pictures from Adom-Ondi-Ahman, Liberty Jail, Haun's Mill, Far West, the Amish, and the game.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Remodel Day 4

Goodbye countertops! This is the last picture taken of them. After struggling to get all the screws off, Ryan managed to pry them off. It was a little hard to get it out of the house, but Ryan finally broke it in half.

The bathroom countertop was a little more difficult. Ryan came to the conclusion that it must have been the kind that was pre-packaged, you know, the vanities that you can buy with the countertop already on? He had to buy a chizle and hammer to pry it off, but we got the sink out no problem!

Struggling to get all the pipes off the sink so we could throw it away!

This picture's late, but it's our new microwave! Yay for more counter space!

Here is our kitchen floor. Ryan finally got all the sticky laminate squares off, so we're ready to lay the tile on Tuesday! Ryan picked it up yesterday, and we dropped the boxes off at the Condo last night!

The bedroom carpets will be laid on Monday. We took the tape off, but we're a little disappointed with how it looks. The paint leaked, and it's kind of uneven. Go figure though, the room Ryan taped looks perfect...

These are all the drawers that Ryan's sisters' painted for us. They look so wonderful! Now we just need to paint the kitchen, and the cabinets.....argh! Will it ever end! Our dead line is in two weeks....

Ryan on the Radio!

As usual, I was listening to the Nightside Project on KSL Tuesday night, but this time Ryan was with me. On our way to the condo Michael Castner, the host, was asking people to call in with their worst date stories. Much to my surprise Ryan was on the phone that minute, and he got in. He started telling the "screener" his "worst date," which just happened to be with me. It was our first date on Valentine's, and to start it off, he called me to ask if he could use my car to drive us to the dance. At the dance, we danced next to his ex-girlfriend, which wasn't much fun for him. At the end of the night we kissed then I told him I liked another guy. (I promise the situation was much different than it sounds!) Apparently, his story was so good, the "Screener" gasped and told him to hold. Ryan got on the air! He was the last caller, and he even got a laugh out of the host. Later that night on our way home from the condo they mentioned him again! Ryan wasn't listening, and missed it, but they were reading an email from a girl with her bad date. The Ombudsman, Paul, said in response, "Oh it's not that bad we had a guy call in earlier that said his girlfriend kissed him then told him she liked another guy, and they ended up getting married!" I thought it was pretty cool that Ryan got on the air, mostly because I love the Nightside Project, and never call in. If you want to hear him follow the link and click on the Play button next to you decide nightside.
P.S. Erin, 710KIRO (seattle) is picking them up soon!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I went to Seattle to visit my brother and his family two weeks ago. It was a great vacation, and wonderful to see my brother, Erin, and Bev, plus meet my new niece, Jane Rose, and see her blessing. Here are some pictures:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Grocery Bag Man

I call him the grocery bag man. He shows up just in the nick of time to help carry in the groceries. His superpower? Well, we're still working on that...


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