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Saturday, December 9, 2006


Well Ryan and I finally got a computer and the internet, so now I've been busy posting our wedding pictures, as many of you have been asking to see them. Please go to to see them. Happy viewing!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Here's our Christmas tree!
Ryan putting on the final touches.
Tada!!!! Posted by Picasa

I wanted Ryan to grow a beard....doesn't he look cute!

After! Posted by Picasa

A hidden talent

Travis hasn't played the accordian for a few years....he's still good! Posted by Picasa

Our next trip was to Seattle to visit my brother Travis, his wife Erin, and their little girl Beverly. Here are some pics of her bathtime fun! Posted by Picasa

Halloween cookies

We made Halloween cookies and took them to my sister and her husband's house (Tara and Johnny) to enjoy a visit.
 Posted by Picasa

Merry Christmas from Santa and Mrs. Claus Posted by Picasa
A haggard housewife .....
A lazy couch potato husband....
Here is what a few months of marriage will do to you! Posted by Picasa

Day trip to San Fransisco

 Posted by Picasa


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