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Monday, March 10, 2014


Ryan's dad and brother flew here on New Year's Day to go to the Fiesta Bowl with Ryan. It was a short trip but they had a good time. Ryan got free suite tickets and sideline passes from Hertz. Perks of the job..

Ryan with his co-worker Adam Manlove

January and the leaves are just starting to fall. 71 degrees

crazy post nap hair

showing off her new jacket from Grandma Everett

she loves to eat rocks

perfect little squatter

she loves her wagon

we got her this car for Christmas. Instead of going out the door she climbs over the side.

This day she let me do her hair and didn't even scream. It was a miracle.

she found her old bottles and thought she was so funny

she had to take her bear along for the ride

Brand new bag of cat food spilled, not by Hannah either.

My sister Tara and her family came from Texas to visit on the 17th and stayed for the weekend. We went to the zoo and enjoyed lots of time outside at the parks and games when the kids went to bed.

Ryan and Johnny went to the Barrett Jackson auction.

I took this picture to show my Dad. He got this shirt for her for Christmas.

She finally enjoys the slide

Gilbert was so good with her

Feeding the ducks on Sunday afternoon.

We went to the Gilbert Temple Open House on Jan 20th. It was hard having to hold Hannah the entire time, but we love this Temple. It's so pretty and we're blessed to have it 3.5 miles from our house.

Hannah loves to help with dishes. This time she took the entire silverware container out.

Sometimes she eats yogurt with her hands...

and puts containers on her head.

Right now Hannah takes lids on and off things like body spray. Her hand eye coordination is getting good. My sister gave me a good tip for church. Bring an empty spice jar and toothpicks and have her put them in the holes. She loves it and it keeps her busy. She can finally put the rings on her ring stacker and the colors (veggies) in her garden toy. Loves her teddy bear and carries it around. She got a new tooth on the 31st. She can carry two of her wooden blocks in one hand and dances when she hears music.


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