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Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't have time to watch it all?

I found this fun website that has movies in a minute! Some of them are pretty funny.

MADtv - iRack (including blooper)

I got this link from my favortie radio program...nightside. I thought it was pretty funny.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Everything's bigger in Texas!

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Our last night we went to the San Antonio Missions minor league baseball game. The weather was great up until the rain came at about the 5th inning. You know the saying,"everything's bigger in Texas?" Well, even the rain is bigger. The raindrops were huge! We decided to huddle in the tunnel until it stopped. We were waiting for a good half hour. They put a huge tarp over the field, and after a while there were huge puddles in the dirt and grass. It hailed and rained some more so the game was cancelled at a tie.
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Remember the Alamo? P.S. There's no basement in it! I tried to get one of those, "Hey, look at us, we're touching the Tower of the Americas!" But, they got tired of holding their hands up "just right." It was very windy at the top and Syd and I had more fun taking funny pictures than looking at the view. We toured the Guiness Book of World Records Museum. It was very fun! Ryan turned into the heaviest man in the world, weighing in at 1400 lbs!

Hippos, turtles, and crocs oh my!

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Most the animals were up and active, which was wonderful! It was lunch time for most of the animals. It was very interesting to watch the crocs eat. The zoo keeper had a pole with a plastic ball on the end of it that she'd stick at the crocs to get them to open up their chompers. Once they were interesting then the keepers would stick a fish or mouse in their mouth. It was cool to see. They had a petting area where we could go in and feed and brush the goats. They were so cute and cuddly (if you had food for them) and they just adored Ryan.

San Antonio Zoo

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Our first stop was to the San Antonio Zoo. The bear was being very cooperative...Ryan has such a way with animals they all just flock to him! That bird was freaking out because the Zoo keeper was cleaning his home; he was trying to protect his eggs.

At the airport


This is my best friend Sydney Broadhead. She is leaving on her mission in 2 1/2 weeks so we wanted to go on a vacation with her. We did a 2 day 3 night stay in San Antonio, TX. It was so much fun! This is us at the SLC airport just awaiting our flight~!
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My new camera!


Ryan and I gave our birthday presents to each other early this year. My former camera is lost. We think it was stolen when our car got broken into a few months back. I bought my birthday gift on the internet and it came last week. These pictures are the first ones we took!
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