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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Learning to sew

For a YW activity we sewed these pillowcases. I haven't sewn since my 7th grade sewing class. I needed lots of help, but it wasn't too bad.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Craft

Since we missed February's craft day Tara and I did one last week! We got the idea from Martha Stewart.

Items Needed:
-coffee can
-hot-glue gun

We got our cans and wrapped them in brown paper. I went to Wheeler Farm and gathered lots of branches. We used that masking tape line as a measuring device so we could cut each twig to size. As i started gluing the twigs they didn't work very well since they weren't straight. My dad had just cut down some tree branches so we went out back in the dark with our flashlights and used my dad's HUGE shears to cut some perfect straight branches.
 I glued each twig on...

tied some raffia...
woila! Tara bought a bunch of flowers for another craft project, and they made the perfect arrangement.
so happy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lots of family time

My oldest sister spent all of Feb and most of March in California for Evan's work. She came back for two weeks for a conference so while she was here we celebrated her birthday (4 week's late) as well as "G man"'s (2 week's early) His birthday is actually today! Lot's of pictures to follow:

 The boys helping open gifts
 simply content with the wrapping paper

 he almost started to crawl that day

 concentrating so hard on those blocks

cousins playing nicely
 cute, cute boy! 8 months
 grandpa's so fun to play with...
 ...till he makes you cry

 all better

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St George/Arizona

Ryan played in a tournament in St George on March 4-5
They took 2nd place!
He said the prize was the same for 1st place, so they didn't feel too bad. They got a trophy and a new bat.

From St George he kept going south and spent the next week in Arizona enjoying the 80 degree weather and lots of MLB baseball. 
For those that don't know, all the MLB teams go to spring training each year. About half go to AZ and the other half FL. Twelve teams went to AZ this year. Ryan went down with his buddy and went to a game each night. They got tons of autographs and a nice tan.

 The brand new Salt River Stadium...home of the Rockies and D-Backs.
Gaylord Perry .....Hall of Famer....

And here is Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. 
Dexter Fowler...CF for the Rockies
Rollie Fingers....Hall of Famer.....
These were their seats for 2 Rangers games! 
They even got free tickets to a Suns game (row 10)
Troy Tulowitski...
Jason Giambi of the Rockies
Troy Tulowitski heading out to turn one of the 5 double plays he started this game! The guy is amazing!
Torii Hunter of the Angels....
Robin Yount.....Hall of Famer!
Michael Young and Doug Deeds from the Rangers

At the Rangers / White Sox game

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the spa club

My sister has been in town for two weeks. My dad wanted us to go out and enjoy ourselves so he paid for us all to go to the spa and dinner.

We all got facials and pedicures and my mom and sister also got a massage. We really enjoyed spending the day together and chatting. Thanks Dad!

My nail polish matched the towel!

at Johnny Carino's..

It was raining and we all walked in wearing our flip-flops! I'm sure people thought we were nuts!

I talked my sister into going bold with me. We're hoping for Spring weather soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Willy Wonka

These pictures didn't turn out at all, but i was able to go with another YW advisor to see one of the girl's in Willy Wonka a few weeks ago. It was put on by Bonneville Jr High. She subbed last minute as Charlie's grandma and did great!

We're proud of you Ceanna! Great job.


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