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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drive time

We had a great time celebrating Ryan's birthday. All he wanted was to go to Rodizio Grill. (he's very easy to please!) He invited both of our parents. AJ and TP were able to come as well. Great food. Laughs. Family. Gifts. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me!

We spent the weekend with Ryan's parents. We stayed over then drove up with them to Mountain Home, ID to watch Alyssa's V-ball match. We took her back to CSI and stopped by the Perrine Bridge at Twin Falls, Idaho. Here's a little history lesson fer ya: It is a truss arch four-lane bridge carrying U.S. Highway 93 over the Snake River Canyon. It is approximately 1,500 feet long and 486 feet above the Snake River. It was opened to traffic in September 1927, and at the time, was the highest bridge in the world. The privately financed $650,000 structure was originally a toll bridge, but the tolls proved unpopular and were eliminated in 1940, after the bridge was purchased by the state of Idaho. By the early 1970s, the original bridge was outdated and unable to handle heavy loads and required replacement. Construction on the current bridge was completed in July, 1976 at a cost of $9,700,000. The original bridge was demolished.

We got there at the perfect time to see 4 or 5 base jumpers.

Perrine Bridge is the only man-made structure in the United States where BASE jumping is allowed year-round without a permit. As such it is a popular destination for BASE jumping enthusiasts, who often refer to it as Potato Bridge.

Did you know that?... To the east, along the south rim of the canyon, lies the dirt ramp used by Evel Knievel when he unsuccessfully attempted to jump the canyon on his motorcycle in 1974.

(We learn something knew everyday!) After Alyssa gathered her things we drove the 3 hours back to Perry.

We went to the Temple Dedication Sunday. I really enjoyed listening to the prophet and all of the speakers. This Temple holds a special place in my heart because I grew up in South Jordan and we were married in the Jordan River Temple. South Jordan is a pretty awesome place to have two temples, wouldn't ya say?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They say it's your birthday!!!!!!!!

Mua! I love, love, love ya. Here's 26 things about you that I love...why? because today you're 26....

1. your laugh

2. the way you can ALWAYS make me smile/laugh

3. your determination

4. you're so easy to talk to

5. you're my BEST friend

6. how you're always so willing to help me

7. you've got killer gourmet skills!

8. I love when you talk to/about the cats

9. your patience

10. your encouragement

11. your positive attitude

12. I learn something from/about you everyday

13. you are SO very smart

14. that you are always warm and let me snuggle

15. the way you look in a hat

16. the look you give me when you want me to rub your back

17. all of your good ideas

18. how you sing in the shower

19. your faith and sincere prayers

20. how you always roll up your shirt sleeves no matter what

21. i always feel safe around you

22. you're good at everything you do

23. when you speak Kosrean.

24. your handyman skills

25. how you rub your toes together when you lay down

26. that i can spend FOREVER with you!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun, Family and Softball!!!

Last weekend we headed down to St. George yet again for another softball tournament. I took a half day at work then we headed down with Jessica, Aaron, and Bobby. We had a fun ride down and got to enjoy a wonderful dutch oven dinner provided by Ryan and Aaron's uncle in St. George. Their 1st game started at 11 PM, so after BP we headed over to their cousin Brian's house to relax. I think we all relaxed a little too much because we were all very tired before the game even started. They did very well in all of their games that night, winning one but losing two. Saturday we went to Judd's store and got some Rat Bastard root beer and Orange Cream soda. We hung out all day until their 1st game at 7:00. They played 4 games in a row, going 2-2 and played their last game at 11 PM. We got to bed at a decent hour, then had a nice ride home the next day. All in all it was a fun time with some late nights...and they went pretty deep into the tournament (not like last time ...0-3) and got to spend some time with family as well!

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Monday, August 10, 2009


One day last week I came home from work, took off my shoes and noticed my left foot was swollen. I thought it was weird because I haven't injured it and I don't spend all day on my feet. Plus, it was just one foot that was swollen. I layed down for a bit but by the end of the night it was still swollen. It didn't hurt or anything but I wondered what was happening. I called my mother-in-law (she's a nurse) and after evaluating the options told me I should probably go to the instacare because it might be a blood clot. The doctor at the instacare examined it and checked my heart and lungs and said that nothing was wrong. He said sometimes it can happen if your heart has been working hard for awhile, then suddenly stops. This makes sense since I was doing P90X faithfully, then finished. He said that his wife's foot has been swollen for years, and they cannot find out why. I guess it's just a crazy incident! The next morning my foot was back to normal, huge sigh of relief, but when I got home from work it was swollen again! It happened the next day as well, but hasn't happened since. Maybe it was my diet or something, but it was weird. See for yourself.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Check out this guy...

For more go here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ryan sends me an email telling me that he has a surprise for me. Later that day he tells me that I can't come home from work yet because it's not done. I drove around for a bit, shopped, then finally, two hours later, he told me to come home and this is what I found.

He did a great job surprising me because I had no clue! He has great taste, don't you think? It came with a leaf as well, so it can expand more. When I asked him why he bought it he said that he was so sick of our old table and he just decided to get another one. Here's a little history about our old table. My mom bought it for us for $20 before we got married and it came with 3 chairs. The back of the first chair broke off, so we trashed it...down to two. We've had two chairs for years, but one's back was just barely hanging on and the other was leaning very badly. A week or two ago our friend came over and the back finally snapped off. We've had no place for people to sit when they come over and we had to get out the exercise ball and our piano bench. See for yourself...

We love our new table! Next project, the couch. Thanks babe.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A nice visit

My brother and his family came to visit this week from Washington. We don't get to see them nearly enough so it was nice to spend time with them. We went to the Oquirrh Mtn Temple open house Monday with them.
EZ, PZ, and TZ


Silly girl...

Travis and Erin

Jane was being hilarious and started playing this game with mom.


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