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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 AM wakeup

Saturday morning we got awakened from our sleep with a loud crash! Both of us jumped up in bed and just held still. We didn't know if someone had broken into our home or if something fell. We were scared! After many whispers and the initial shock wore off we slowly creeped out of our bedroom to find this:
Apparently when i bought my beans at the last case lot sale I stacked too many on a shelf cuz they all came crashing down. The higher shelf fell on the shelf below, but luckily, nothing broke.

I had to remove everything 

There were a few casualties though...

But now my pantry is more organized than ever and all the heavy stuff is at the bottom ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Red carpet favorites

Angelina looked amazing, i thought and stunning-very emerald city wizard of oz.
Anne Hathaway- one of my top 3 favorites. Her dress was completely backless, really sexy, super statuesque-looked like a real star
 Lot's of emerald green this year, it was like emerald city! Catherine Zeta-Jones looked stunning, but it was a lot of dress.
 There was lots of pink this year too, but Claire Daines was my personal favorite dress, loved her dress!
 January Jones is beautiful. She is stunning. The dress is...awkward. It's fighting her natural curves. You don't know where to look. Her chest looks squished together-she didn't dress for her body type...long pause...
 Lea Michelle got it spot on this year. Very age appropriate and flirty.
 Sofia Vergara did really well. She is curvy, but she's just showing enough skin, and look at her narrow waist! She looked amazing.
What did you think?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Ten :: January 2011

Dad Everett's Birthday

Saturday evening we spent time with Ryan's family to celebrate Dad Everett's birthday.
Thank you, Brianna, for paying attention and smiling!
Can you count the candles?
I was in charge of bringing a sugar free cake (Steve's diabetic). I googled sugar-free cake and out of the two choices made this one. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it tasted pretty good! It had raisins and nuts in it and cinnamon and nutmeg. The frosting was made with cream cheese and maple syrup. DELICIOUS!

Happy birthday, we love you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Craft

 I didn't do craft month last month; however, my sister did this and gave it to me for Christmas. We got married in the Jordan River Temple, in fact all of my sisters did. Isn't it gorgeous!? We haven't hung it yet but it will go right above our mantle. 
We got together Saturday and thanks to The Tortoise and the Hare blog and Tatertots and Jello, did this:

 We got the paper for .19 each at Michael's
 The marbles were 2.50 per bag
Glue + Dollar store frames
Total project = about $8.00
They were so easy and fun to make! 
After crafting my sister took me to Cherry Lane Keepsakes . It's the cutest little boutique in Provo. They have stuff everywhere! Jewelry, purses, hats, decor, clothes. We had fun trying on all the crazy hats.

(I have that red mirror in the background by the way, but I did not spend $160 on it, thank goodness. Seeing it made me feel good, like I have some taste)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year

The new year is here! Ryan took a nap New Year's Eve so he could stay up late and partay! Our cats joined him and it looks like they were cozy although LBG looks squished in the middle.

 We spent New Year's Eve playing games at our good friends and ward members house. Here we are playing Guesstures.
Ryan and I were on different teams, and my team one ;)

We were having so much fun that we almost forgot it was midnight! We got the tv on just after the countdown ended. 

On New Year's Day we went over to Ryan's parents house and played Rock Band pretty much all day. They got it for Christmas and it's so fun! It's a good thing we don't have an XBOX or PS3 or WII or I'd play it all day. I grew up with Super Nintendo and love it. 


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