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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Ryan's brothers drove down for the ASU vs UTAH football game on Nov 1st. They've become ASU fans by association. ASU won in OT.

We finally got a chance to use our firepit now that the weather has cooled down.

We took our sweet cat, LB to the vet because we noticed he was spotting all over the house. The vet looked in his mouth and noticed his teeth were pretty bad and some of them needed to be pulled. She gave him an antibiotic for the blood in his urine and special food to help with his anxiety. Before putting him under to pull/clean his teeth they did some blood tests. It turns out he has feline Leukemia. She said this just makes him more susceptible to getting sick. She said it's very contagious, so our other cats probably have it as well. Who knows how long he's had it but it does explain some of his behavior over the past few years. Poor guy got 4 teeth pulled including a front canine. 

One day for Hannah's art class we went outside to do some sidewalk art. She was so cute just laying there on the ground.

I found our cat like this in Hannah's high chair. His eyes were closed until I took the picture.

Just some pictures before church in her cute dress.

Hannah loves to play in the sink. She'll climb up on the stool turn on the water and go to town. She usually ends up soaked along with the floor too.

Our tangerine tree produced fruit! We were so excited and weren't planning on getting any fruit this year, but we ended up with about 25 and they were yummy.

She loves to wear mommy's glasses.

Came home from Costco and realized I had an orange theme going on.

17 weeks

We had Hannah's birthday party at a nearby park on the 22nd. I debated whether to have a party, but I'm glad we did it. We invited a handful of friends. There were 12 people, 6 kids and, of course, it was an Elmo theme. I made cupcakes and we had cheese, sandwiches, goldfish, juice, and I made an Elmo out of veggies. (Thank you Pinterest) Here's a copy of the invite.

The weather was great and Hannah really enjoyed licking the frosting from the cupcakes.

^^^Hannah loves to fall asleep with her books and this particular one got a little drool love.^^^

She's 2! We sure love this little girl. 

We waited until the day she turned 2 to turn her forward facing. (Much to the chagrin of Ryan, my dad, and sister) But I like to follow the rules. It was worth the wait, she loved it! On the way to Zumba she kept saying "cars" and would wave at everything. After I took her out she said "again!" She's always loved to ride in the car, but now she really enjoys it.

For her birthday we got her this Little People City Skyway. It took quite awhile to set up, but has been a toy she plays with everyday. I also gave her the wiggle/plasma car that I bought months ago at Once Upon A Child. My mom sent a puzzle for her too. That night we fed the sister missionaries. They thought it was so funny that she knows her country singers. She says "Pook" for Luke Bryan and "Chris" for Chris Young and requests them all the time. She makes the funniest faces, especially during dinner. She makes a sad face and says "sad baby."

We had a nice small Thanksgiving with the Goode's at our house. How many people can say they ate Thanksgiving dinner outside? It was a beautiful afternoon. We sure love having them so close! The scouts had a turkey roasting fundraiser so neither of us had to cook the turkey. I made sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and we bought a pumpkin pie and peach crumb. All the food was delicious (thank you Pioneer Woman). We ended the night around the firepit.

This cat sure loves to snuggle.

Hannah is so strong. She held herself in this plank position when Daddy lifted her up. Talk about core strength.

She loves to watch football with Ryan.  He's so happy that she likes it, because I don't!

We set up Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. Ryan even put up lights outside in the yard.

^^^We have the best cat. Hairy is the only one who lets her get close. She loves to give him kisses and this night she was feeling particularly cuddly and used him as a pillow.^^^

At this point Hannah can say "I love you," though it sounds more like "I fuh you." She also says "Hannah funny haha." She loves orange cheese (cheddar) and cuties. At church she said "baptize." She says "grandpa," "applesauce," "nuggets" "c'mon" and "Jen." Says "Ah-Choo" when someone coughs. Says "boogers" and hates them on her fingers, just like everything else. Says "Hannah fly, Hannah lap, Hannah play, Hannah turn" etc. She can count to 10 with help and knows and can say almost all the animals. She knows each Sesame Street character. She repeats words as I sing to her and repeats almost everything we say.

On November 7-8 I went to Time Out For Women. I bought a group ticket with a bunch of ladies in the ward. I'd never been before, and I really enjoyed it. I carpooled with two ladies whose girls were going to Time Out for Girls. I took a bunch of notes. It was a great spiritual weekend.

Nov 11th: Tonight she didn't go to sleep until midnight. She was just up in her crib wide awake. She was up the next morning at 7:30 and then had diarrhea for 6 days straight.

She sticks as many books as she can in her crib before bed once I finish reading to her.

Her hair is crazy 90% of the time so I finally bought some mousse to put in her hair and it has really helped.

Nov 28th was Hannah's 2 year well check. She didn't need any shots but we did give her a flu shot. She's 91% for her height (35 3/4"), 78% head (19") and off the charts for her weight (35.2). The nurse was trying to be nice and wrote >99% and said it's probably just because she had her clothes on. I told her that I weigh her at home and she is indeed 35 pounds. We know she's big. She's bigger than most 2 year olds and most kids in her nursery class. I asked her Dr if I should switch from whole milk to 2% and she said yes.


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