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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Pregnancy progress. My feet are still swollen. My Midwife office gave me a free massage coupon and I cashed it in, it was amazing.

Woke up to some pretty fog

Snuck some pictures of Hannah at Tumbling

It was a big day when she let her tumbling teacher put stamps on her hands.

Nice post nap sweaty hair.

Still proud of her stamps

She loves to "exercise" with me. 

Grandma sent a fun Valentine's package.

This was a late night when she wandered into our room like this.

Love those curls.

Fun at the park

Didn't even make it under the covers

Valentine flowers from Daddy.

My Valentine.

On Valentine's two kids in our ward offered childcare from 4-8 for only $10. We couldn't pass up a date night! We'd planned to go see "The Imitation Game" but when we got there it was sold out. We were super bummed but headed to dinner. We went to Red Robin and had a long wait. After almost an hour we were starving and decided to just go to Paradise Bakery. There was no one there and we enjoyed a nice meal before heading back to pick up Hannah. Not the best Valentine's, but ya win some ya lose some. Also, it was packed and just crazy traffic and people everywhere. Lesson learned.  Hannah had a great time and they even made this cute craft, had dinner, and watched a movie. We have so many great teens in our ward. Their mom felt so bad that our date was terrible that she offered to watch Hannah another time for free.

I found these Kale chips at Costco and she loves them. Win! She also loves sweet potato chips/

I went to a Pampered Chef freezer meal party and made these 7 meals in prep for baby. I remember after I had Hannah, Ryan's mom came and made a bunch of freezer meals for us. It was so great. 

Her hair is curly except for that one strand in the back. I love it.
We went to the Idea Museum with some friends. This place is amazing! We brought a lunch and spent the whole day there. Hannah spent most of her time in the kitchen playing with the food. We will definitely be going back.

Hannah's tumbling class is held at a library, so during class I browsed their book sale. I picked out these for my Fancy Nancy-loving daughter. 

Ryan's boss sent these for baby boy. 

We have the best home teacher. He and his wife brought this by. YUM!

February Tidbits:

Hannah loves "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Her nursery teacher says she's funny and always talks in 3rd person and knows all the words to the songs. "Hannah go under the table " etc. She narrates her life, it's pretty funny. She says "Daddy too big" when he sits on the chair haha. Says "Whoopsie Daisy!" She likes me to sing songs fast and slow. We introduced her to Darius Rucker and she requests "Wagon Wheel" and Dierks Bentley.

She weighs 35 pounds and is 36" tall. She can point out letters and says V Victor or U Umbrella. She also knows her shapes. She can point out a triangle, circle, square, oval, and hexagon. I can thank Sesame Street for that. She can count to nearly 20.

She is a night owl. She will stay awake some nights until 10:30. When I went in her room one night she had her lights on and was wearing 3 pants. She had dumped all her blankets out of her closet and was talking to her stuffed animals. Another night she was up past midnight and kept coming out of her room. I finally locked her door and went to bed. She fell asleep with the light on.

Her current favorite book is Green Eggs & Ham. She asks me to read it again and again.

One day at the park she decided she wanted to run in the splash pad so i stripped her down to her diaper. She put on her sunglasses and said "show boys." She says "hi sweety!" and "Momma where are you?" and "Hannah boogerface." One day she put a lid on her head and said "happy birthday!" During sacrament meeting one Sunday she kept saying "go potty" and pointing to the door. She's said is a few times since. Maybe time to start potty training? (more on that next month)
One day she said "right back" went and got her bunny and a diaper. She put it on then took it off and put bunny on the potty. She's always playing pretend kitchen and "making applesauce."

She got sick on the 21st this month with a cough and fever.

LB's blood work for his liver and kidney's came back normal. I took him in again because he was sneezing and had obvious weight loss. He's still anemic, but needs to take in more calories.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Ryan's family came to stay with us over New Year's. Ryan got tickets to the Cactus and Fiesta Bowl games through Hertz. Everyone ended up getting sick, it was pretty miserable. Half the family was puking and the other half was congested. Hannah had it pretty bad and had goop in her eyes. She looked terrible.

My sister Tara and her family also stopped by for a night on their way home from San Diego. Good to see them and kiddos and my Aunt and Uncle Jones were in town too, so Cindy and them came over too. Cindy's boy is Hannah's age so it was fun to see them interact.

Yummy yummy glucose test

Jan 13th we bought Hannah her own twin bed. We didn't force her in it and asked her if she wanted to sleep in her crib or the bed. It took her a few days but eventually she asked to sleep in it. 

She came out of her room at night and for naps for about a week, but now she does just fine.

cat trifecta

We love Phoenix in January..
She doesn't use her feet or steer but she lets me push her down the driveway over and over again.

For Christmas I got Ryan an Xtreme Xperience to drive a supercar on a racetrack. He chose to drive the Nissan GTR. We paid extra to have it recorded but when he got home there was nothing on the disk. He called and they told him to come back next week and they'll let him do it again. He paid to do it twice and also drove the Audi R8. He took Braxton with him and let him sit in the driver's seat of the lead car for his birthday gift. He loved it.

At the park one day Hannah made friends with this little boy. They followed each other around the playground and he let her play with his dump truck. When it was time for him to go Hannah followed and they ended up playing for awhile more on the grass. It was so cute to watch them.

Ryan went to the Phx Open again this year, but this time he went opening day. There were less crowds and he got to sit and watch all day. Plus he got to watch Tiger Woods play, so he liked that.

Bubba Watson

That night we went to the Bird's Nest Concert and saw Darius Rucker. We had VIP tickets so we had this private side balcony and unlimited food and drinks. It was really hard to hear him from where we were, but it was fun. He puts on such a great concert.

This picture makes me laugh because it looks like she's taking a selfie.

Our rental storage unit got broken into. It makes me so mad when people do things like this!

Ryan got invited to the Wheels Up Superbowl Party. There were a lot of celebrities there and Ryan actually got pictures! Having the Superbowl in PHX was crazy for him. He was really busy during the 1st quarter with this, the bowl games and the PHX open and baseball spring training, but he gets a lot of perks which makes it fun.

Drew Brees

Andrew Luck

Kirk Herbstreit

Mark Teixeira

Mike Golic

Nick Jonas was the entertainment for the evening. Ryan said he had a ton of bodyguards.

Hannah tidbits @ 26 months:

Says finish your eggs, finish your milk. I signed her up for a Tumbling Tots class at the Rec Center. This was her first class without me present. She had fun from what I could see. The teacher would stamp their hands at the end of class and Hannah hated that. She screamed when she got one and just wanted it off. She'll grab her library books and say "read to me." She can quote her books. She recognizes letters and numbers. I find it harder to understand her than last month. She will tell the cats to get off the table! Says "car-size" for exercise. She found a sun shape and said "sunbeam!" she must've learned that song from nursery. She prefers drinking from a cup now. I have been teaching her letters with her megabloks. N for Nancy, D for Daddy, E for Elmo etc. She can point out a letter and say "Nancy" or "Fish" for F.


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