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Friday, May 10, 2013

We're Moving!

When we moved to New Mexico last year we knew it was just a stepping stone. His boss had said we'd probably be here 3 years. After a few months Ryan got a different boss. He has really impressed her and grown his area. She told him not to plan on being here next Christmas. In December she said there was an open GM (General Manager) position for Colorado that she wanted him to apply for; however, Hertz had just bought Dollar Thrifty so she wanted him to wait until all of that got settled. We were on hold until March. Right before we went to AZ for the Spring Training games she called him and told him that she wanted him to apply for the GM position in AZ now, instead of CO. This came as a huge shock because Phoenix is a top 10 airport and his off-airport fleet would be 10 times as big. For some perspective, right now as an Area Manager Ryan has 10 branches, Arizona has 52. Oh, and did I mention she wants him over NM still too? As a GM he would be over all the Area managers. He was very humbled because AZ is a huge market and he's only been with the company for 3.5 years. He was the only one applying for the position and his boss said he's the one she wanted for the job and she wouldn't let him fail. She interviewed him on March 29th. He was in Chicago for work that next week before our cruise and interviewed with Sean Bromfield (RVP) and Dan Kress (Zone VP) while there. 3 Weeks later while in San Antonio he interviewed with John Holt (Sr VP) and Scott Sider (COO) as well. He was expecting to get put through the ringer and drilled but they didn't even mention his financials or talk much about work at all. It was more like a meet and greet, get to know you relaxed interview. They're really focusing on employee improvement and building morale and Ryan is perfect for that. He's very personable and can strike up a conversation and find common interests with anyone. He's very much a people person and that's partly why he's been so successful. He got the official job offer on April 30. He's in AZ working right now. I'm so proud of him. All his hard work and long hours is paying off. I'm grateful that he supports us and that I can stay home with Hannah. We found a house yesterday in Gilbert and we'll hopefully be all moved and join him in two weeks. I decided not to fly down to help him house hunt. With Hannah it would be hard and I didn't want to leave her home. I found places online and Ryan was happy to go see them for me. We will miss Albuquerque and the great friends we've made here. We are excited for this new adventure. Hopefully we'll be there for a few years. We have some family and friends there to make us feel more at home.


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