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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hannah's favorite thing is to pull all the Ziploc bags out of the box. Coincidentally, it's the only cabinet with no child locks. I can usually catch her in time, but sometimes I just let her do it so I can fix dinner. Got tooth #4. Started walking! Loves string cheese. Goes down for naps and bedtime without a sound! We read 2 books, sing 2 songs, then lay her down and she goes right to sleep. We're so happy! Shakes her head "no" when she knows she's not supposed to be doing something. Turned 13 months on Christmas. Would not sit on Santa's lap even though it was Grandpa. I got sick before Christmas and it lasted a good two weeks. I was negative for Strep and couldn't stop coughing. Something nasty was going around.

^^decorated gingerbread men at the library^

^^put together her 1st year-book. love how it turned out^^

^I won a nook at Ryan's work party and he got to drive a sweet car (perks of the job)^^

^It was very refreshing to visit the temple lights and not be freezing! We love it here^

^^Ryan was putting Hannah to bed and broke our chair. He texted me "Chair just broke! I'm stuck in the reclined position!"

Went to UT for Christmas. Went to Alyssa's bridal shower^^

^^she loved these zip ties^^

^^Christmas morning with the Everett's^^

^^my brother and his family were visiting from Seattle. It was so nice to spend a few days with them.^^

^^Alyssa and Garrett got married on the 28th in the Brigham City Temple. It was freezing, but she looked gorgeous! They had a luncheon at The Lodge afterwards. Amazing food!^^

^^Hannah surprised us all and slept for a good 30 minutes on the flight home^^


We flew to Utah on Nov 27 and headed straight for Logan for Alyssa's last volleyball game at Utah State. Aunt Janessa did Hannah's hair. She screamed the whole time, but doesn't she look cute?

^kissing cousin Kyler^^

^^meeting Big Blue^^

^^It was a gorgeous day so we snapped some quick family photos in my parents yard^^

^^our flight home was delayed a few hours so we snuck in a nap^^

Hannah turns 1

We were in Utah over Thanksgiving so we decided to have her birthday party there so family could join us. We had it at my parents house and both our families were there. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had cake and ice cream. My sister helped me make her smash cake and the cake to serve. They were delicious! Dad had to hand feed her at first, but then she really liked it. She was very polite and didn't ever smash it. At the very end though she stuck her foot right in it. She got a puzzle, book, some clothes, a doll stroller and wagon. Some of her nicknames are Hannah Roo, Hanster, and Goose

November 2013

I'm trying to catch up. Here are some pictures of our princess from November. She turned 1! She loves to "help" with the dishes and laundry. When she hears me open the dishwasher she comes straight over. She loves to pull the silverware out and throw them on the floor. She also pulls all the clothes out of the washer for me (as I'm trying to load it). She loves to climb stairs. Refuses to take her afternoon nap. I've pretty much come to terms that she's down to 1 nap a day, although most days I still try to lay her down. She started using her walker. She got severe diaper rash (might have been yeast) so we've put her in disposables for the time being until it clears up for good. Started sleeping 13 hours a night. She even slept in till 9:00 on her birthday! She got her 3rd tooth two days after her birthday.

Happy girl on her birthday!



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