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Monday, August 25, 2014

June 2014

I made some kale and corn muffins from a recipe I got from the Farmer's Market. Hannah loved them. She climbed on her stool to reach them. I caught her taking a few bites from each. This picture was right before she took off with two in hand.

The night before our trip to Utah I found a scorpion in my bathroom sink. I was brushing my teeth and saw it when I was about to spit. We put it in this jar with the lid on tight. Sure enough, they glow really bright in black light. The rest of the evening we spent looking for them but couldn't find another one. We didn't sleep well. Ryan has gone outside with a black light many times but has never seen any. Weird, but we're grateful and hope we don't see anymore.

I saw this family of ducks crossing the street one morning in the car. They were so cute.

Yes. That is what you're thinking. Before she sat on me she slid down the stairs on her bum and got it on a few steps. The joys of motherhood.

Hannah and I flew to Utah on June 8th. Ryan had his annual Global Leadership Conference that week. I stayed with my sister Toni for a few days, then flew out to meet Ryan in Florida for a little getaway while my sister  and Ryan's parents watched Hannah.

My sister is pregnant and waited until we were there to reveal the gender. She has 3 boys, so we all thought it would be a girl especially since she was doing this fun reveal. She got our reaction as soon as we bit into the cupcake and saw the blue frosting. Too funny. Dad doesn't seem too impressed though.

Hannah loved playing with the big boy cousins. She loved their wiggle car. I found one at a used store and am saving it for her birthday.

She loved to go on bike rides too. Owen and Hannah with their stuffed animals.

We were really enjoying the beautiful Utah summer weather and spent all our time outside. This trip she went down the slide by herself!

One day I dropped my sister off at work and took the van to go visit friends. Of course Hannah fell asleep

so I enjoyed an hour or so by myself in the car....

We found this nice school in Sandy with lots of grass to run around on. Can you spot Hannah?

Hannah wouldn't sleep in the pack n play at my sister's house. For every nap and bedtime I had to lay down in bed with her. She slept really well in bed once she fell asleep though.

We went to some cool splash pads. I think the boys liked having her around.

 After our cruise last year Toni and Evan went out and bought a scooter. She took me for a ride.
I went with my sister to the Utah County Parade of Homes one evening. We went to two houses then decided to do one more. It was a lot farther than we thought and Toni's gas light was on. We had no cell reception, but we made it there. We were so worried we'd run out of gas on the way home. She coasted the whole time and we made it to the gas station. It was scary haha

Toni sent me these pictures after I left.

Hannah got to go to Seven Peaks!

When my sister was driving to drop Hannah off at the Everett's, Hannah threw up. She was sick the next two nights for them. We felt so bad.

Our Florida vacation was so nice. It rained each afternoon so it was a little cooler which was nice. We went to a Marlin's game and had really good seats.

Before the game we got all you can eat food at the Diamond Club.Our server said she would have to card me if we ordered alcohol. Guess I don't look my age.

We spent two days at the beach that was just out the back door of our resort. We stayed at the Boca Beach Club Resort. 

We saw a lot of nice, expensive cars too.

The beach had sea turtle nests all over.

We loved swimming in the ocean. We both got really sunburned though.

We took advantage of our time without Hannah and went to a movie and went mini golfing.We found a nice place for dinner and were definitely the youngest people there. It's true what they say about Boca Raton.

 We flew back to Utah to pick up Hannah on Father's Day. We got to see everyone and we spent the night too before our flight to PHX.
Grandma bought Hannah a new outfit and dress.

I love Hannah's face here. Ha ha

 Hannah was very entertained with the drinking fountain. She was trying so hard to reach the water. Little did she know there was a shorter one right next to it.

I painted Hannah's toe nails. She hated it and kept saying "ouch."

Ryan had me snap a picture when she was holding his hand.

She's looking so big!

She crawled right in this box.

I'd never seen a pink mini van before.

We went to the library to see some cool reptiles.

We drove to Utah on June 27th because we were so sick of buying plane tickets.  We were nervous with Hannah, but she did great. We bought a portable DVD player so she was able to watch Baby Einstein and Sesame Street. Ryan worked the first few days then we went to Devin's sealing and spent the 4th with family.

At a rest stop on the way we saw this couple that had a dog and a goat. It was so cute.

Devin and Rakel were sealed in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple on June 28th.

It was a beautiful day. 
We had family pictures that morning, then everyone came over to my parents house to change. I put Hannah down for a nap (after their ceremony got postponed an hour) and my mom stayed with her. It was nice not to have to bring her along.

Here are some pictures we snapped during family pictures along with the professional ones.

On June 6th I had a scary mom moment. I had the garage open and I was strapping her car seat in the car. She was right by me, but once I finished she was gone. I looked on the side of the house, called her name, looked down the green belt, but I couldn't see her anywhere. I figured she probably ran to the park since we live right behind it, but I couldn't see her there. I started towards it anyway. The closer I got I saw a man there with his family. He saw me then I saw him look towards the pond. He ran over to the water and came back with Hannah. I couldn't see her because of a hill. He said "is she yours?" I said yes and thank you so much! I'm so glad that man was there. She was not in the water but was right by it, who knows what would've happened if he wasn't there. It was very scary! She is FAST.

On June 16th we had Janessa cut her hair. She just cut off her mullet. It's now grown out even and looks normal. I was sad not to be able to put her hair in ponytails, but I'm glad it grows fast.

Our cat scratched her on her arm once when she was bothering it. Now I just make sure she's very careful around him.

She pats Ryan on the shoulder every time he picks her up. It's so funny and she does it every time.

She can now say yuck, hot and truck. She points to her diaper when we say "stinky." 
When I read to her in the rocker she doesn't sit on my lap anymore. She climbs down, leans on my legs and watches. 
She says "nen" for Amen.
She started helping me buckle her in the carseat.


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