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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hannah @ 8 months

Now that she sits up she rides in the carts like this. She gets so much attention from everyone that sees her.

 She loves playing in the mirror
 I had fun with dress-ups. She wore the two hats on the left for her pictures a few days after this.
Fell asleep on Dad at church

 Started making homemade baby food

 Grew lots of new baby hairs
 Us on July 4th. We lit off fireworks in the street. They scared her and she wouldn't stop crying so we had to go home.

 One Sunday evening she threw up all over me. That was a first.
 Folded in half suckin' on her toes
 She loves when we go to baby time at the library.
 She rocks back and forth on her knees and does downward dog. She wants to crawl so bad!
 She's a drooler like her mama.

 We have the best neighbor and her kids love to come over and play with Hannah. Here's Maeleigh  pushing Hannah in a box.
 Wrinkly, swimmer feet
 Met up with a friend, Stephanie Paskett, that I knew from Albuquerque. We both live here now. She's having a baby girl the end of August.
 Hannah does this all the time. She leans her head to the side and lifts her shoulder up. It's so cute!
 After she missed her morning nap she fell asleep while I was vacuuming the house. That does not look comfortable. Her chubby legs are just about too big for the Bumbo.
 Got together with two friends from High School Dance Company that live here. Haven't seen these girls for about 7 years!!

She makes an "s" sound and a "doe,doe" sound. She loves to scream. She loves phones and reaches for them constantly. She loves food and makes a "mmmmm" sound when eating and gives me a big closed lip smile. I haven't found anything she won't eat. She rubs her feet together when she sits on the ground and that always makes her shoes come off. People are amazed she keeps her bows in, but she's never ever tried to pull them off. My arms are getting buff from lifting her, she's hefty. Still has cradle cap. Sleeps 11 hours a night. Drools like crazy. Puts everything in her mouth. We were at a friend's house and their dog would not stop licking her face. She thought it was hilarious and would laugh. During Relief Society we were standing in the back next to another baby. They saw each other and would smile and laugh and babble to each other. They reached for each other's hands and faces. It kept them both happy. 

Hannah @ 7 months

Right after we moved we stopped swaddling her and moved her to her crib when she started pulling herself out of the sleeper. The downside was that every time her binky would fall out she'd wake up and cry.  She'd been waking up at 1 or 2 AM. Once Ryan was out of town I was determined to wean her. 
The first day went well. I snipped off the tip and gave it to her for her nap. She sucked on it but obviously it didn't stay in her mouth. I threw it away. She cried for 5 minutes. Nap 2 she cried for 15. At bedtime she cried just a few seconds and slept 11 hours.
Day 2: Nap 1 cried on and off for an hour. I finally went in and nursed her to sleep. Nap 2 cried 6 minutes. At bedtime cried 5 minutes.
Day 3: She cried 5 minutes each time.
She will still cry a little bit each time she goes down for a nap or bedtime.

Introduced to the sippy cup. Confused, but now she's a champ.

Got sick and had to have nebulizer treatments.
Started scooting backwards.

Loves to swim in our pool.

Daddy let her try a lime

1st Father's Day

Sweet Tomatoes has the coolest infant seats, they're on wheels!

Still loving our cloth diapers

She finally rolls over consistently. Sits well by herself but occasionally falls over. Grabs for everything. Poops a lot. Her hair looks auburn in the sun. People comment on how good, calm, and content she is. She is a big baby. Other kids her age are teeny next to her, haha. She loves when I sing to her, especially "head, shoulders, knees and toes." Loves her Daddy. Hates getting her clothes changed and cries almost every time. Straightens her arms and legs when she gets excited.

Hannah @ 6 months

We took her to her 6 month appt on 5/21 and because she wasn't 6 months yet they couldn't vaccinate her. Weight: 16.6 - 64%
Height: 26" - 65%
Once we moved and got a new pediatrician i took her back for her shots on 6/6. In just over 2 weeks she gained over a pound! 
Weight: 17.8 - 85%

On May 4th we went to Utah for Devin's wedding. Hannah enjoyed spending time with her aunts, uncles, cousin and grandparents.

With Uncle Jared

 Her first swim- she loved it! With friends in Albuquerque

 On April 29th we had our Bradley class reunion. 6 babies, 3 boys, 3 girls. Hannah's the oldest and her birth story was definitely the best. 3 natural, 2 epidurals, 1 c-section

 Hannah's first time sitting up in the stroller

Outside waiting for Ryan to come home
 Started sucking on her bottom lip

 We moved to Arizona on Hannah's 6 month birthday. She was exhausted from traveling and fell asleep on our walk
 Started solid food - oatmeal. She loved it


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