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Monday, February 26, 2007

Thirteen Things about Teandra

1…. I've been married for 5 months and 17 days
2...i married a twin
3...i love to travel
4...i love cats
5...i have little to no extra time
6...i work full time
7...i have an associate's degree
8...i've lived in utah my whole life
9...i belong to the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints favorite color is blue
11..i'm the youngest in my family
12..i can't wait to move out of this apartment!
13..i watched the oscar's last night!

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

talking cats

Now this is cute! Can your animals do this?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Appreciation Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, but it’s not just any old Wednesday, it’s Appreciation Wednesday. Please share with us what you are appreaciating today. Is it a person? Is it the weather? Is it a random act of kindness? What?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Life is short, and it's up to you to make it sweet.
-Sadie Delany, the first African American woman allowed to teach science in the state of New York.

Happy President's Day!

It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company.
-George Washington

North & South

My dear sister Tara hosted a "North & South" party yesterday. Now I was a bit unsure of this movie because I don't like Pride & Prejudice, but my sisters have said, "It's much better!" Because I'm feeling so unsocial, i decided, what the heck, and to give it a try. Granted, I only got part way through because I had to leave for work, but what I saw was pretty good. Wanna know what the best part about it was? Tara made wonderful fondu. She had a pizza sauce, cheese sauce, and chocolate, and boy did I take advantage. It was wonderful and I enjoyed the company. (My mom, Toni, Tara, Johnny, and Guido.) I'm stopping by their home tonight to get the rest of the movie. I have time tomorrow and Thursday because Ryan will be in Seattle helping my brother paint his house! Anyway, it was lot's of fun. Thanks Tara!

The break-in

So I'm sure after the last post you want some more info about our car getting broken into. Well, here's the story...with illustrations.

Sunday, February 18, 2007
Ryan and I drive to church in two separate cars because Ryan usually has to leave right after sacrament meeting to go to work. On sunday he did just that except he didn't leave for work. Sitting in Sunday School ryan gets me out of class because "you need to see this....." We go outside to the car and there is glass everywhere. Someone has broken the passenger front window and stolen Ryan's wallet. We think they were aiming for the stereo, and got a bonus. The face plate was on the floor, and the whole console had been wripped out. Luckily, my dad did such a great job installing it, they were unable to get the stereo, but after all this, we wish they just had. Because they wripped our the stereo's console the tray underneath came out with it. Ryan's wallet was in it, so they grabbed it and left. We assume they got seen or spooked and ran because of the time restraint. Some members from the previous ward who were leaving were coming back inside the church to report when Ryan met up with them. The burglar must have known the church schedule and knew he only had about an hour window, between 1:00 and 2:00. We're truly blessed that Ryan had to leave early because if he hadn't, the fellow would have had 3+ hours to spend our money instead of just 1. We immediately called the cops from the church where they said they don't send a cop over because there would be too many prints. What?!! That's dumb, but besides that, we got everything reported and then cancelled our cards. One of the credit card companies told us that there had been a $1 purchased that day, but after looking at our statement it seems the person spent about $25 at the Chevron also. Who knows? Ryan spent the rest of the time sweeping up glass and taking pictures for our insurance company.
A couple weeks before this the H's on the front and back of the same car were taken at our apartment. we're suspicious that it might have been the same person and that they knew our car and our schedule. why would someone be after us?
Because we live in such a "shady" place, and we had no window, Ryan didn't want to chance leaving our car at our apartment overnight, so we drove down Sunday night to my parent's house and left it there. We ended up spending the night and the next morning Ryan and my dad switched the window from Toni's identical, broken honda, to ours. Vwala! Problem solved.
We know that we live in the Ghetto and that there are over 600 registered sex offenders in our vicinity. It's scary, we know, but we're stuck here, at least for another 6 months. Please be safe!


So we're planning a trip to Mexico in two weeks. I attempted to get us some passports (mine expired last year, and ryan's got destroyed on his mission) a couple months ago, but heard that you had to have your airline tickets in order to get them. Well, we hadn't planned a trip just knew we wanted passports for future vacations. After getting invited to go out of the country, we knew we had to get on it.

First obstacle: Time
Because of our crazy work schedules by the time we get up and going it's about noon and we have to be home by 2 so Ryan can go to work. Anyway, we go to the post office and there is a long line. We wait, and wait, and wait, while time passes us by and we know today will not be the day to get our passports.

Second Obstacle:Birth Certificate
We finally find time to go, fill out all the paperwork get my picture taken for it (15.00!) and Ryan can't go any further in the process because he doesn't have his birth certificate. He has a copy of it, but the real one is at his parents house. Obviously we don't have time to get it (refer to obstacle 1) so the lady tells us to go to the Heath Service Bureau to get one.

Third Obstacle: Money
Because passports take 8 weeks to come we needed to expidite it. That's extra money, but they cannot guarantee two week shipping. To be certain the postal employee referred us to the Travel Broker, a company that can get it to us in 5-10 days. Once again, time is of the essence, so we had to put that trip off until today. We go with the new birth certificate and all paperwork and get it done. We tried to save money by taking our own picture for ryan's passport, but wouldn't you know, we cannot find our camera!!!! It get's worse. Our car got broken into on Sunday and Ryan's wallet was stolen. In order to get a passport you have to show them your i.d. Luckily, thinking in advance Ryan brought his work badges with two forms of i.d. Because of our less than two week trip the final cost for our passports will be $514. ouch. Let's hope we make it to Mexico, and don't spend anymore money!!!! Let this be a lesson to ya'll. Do you have your passport?

I-pods anyone?

Ryan has discovered the beauty of Ebay. After a lot of stress and annoyance from not being able to sell back our wedding gifts, we just posted them on Ebay. We've sold a couple so far too! Ryan is constantly buying and selling ipods also, along with buying broken phones and fixing them up. It's kind of like his little home-based business. He buys them cheap, then sells them so we get a little profit. He loves it, and it's been fun for him. The problem is that because he doesn't have a business account or saved up funds, we pay out of pocket. So, until we receive payment, our bills are high. It's charged to our credit card, which this month, is pretty high. He told me today that he's not going to keep doing it. Only if he gets paid in advance so he can use their money to purchase the item instead of using our money and racking up our credit card. Anyway, he's quite popular, especially at work, and is known as the I-pod guy. He has probably bought and sold about 20 i-pods so far. Yes, we got one, and it is pretty cool and nice. It holds about 1000 songs, which we'll never fill; it's a pretty cool accessory.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worth while.
-Franklin P. Jones, humorist

RockYou FXText - Get Your Own

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Smile. It's the key that fits the lock of everyone's heart.

-Anthony J. D'Angelo, author

Shades of immaturity?

We've all seen people like him. They think they're perfect, and don't believe they're ever wrong: me? My fault? Are you nuts? Get outta here!
Whenever a problem occurs, it's never they're fault-it's yours, or someone else's. The words 'responsibilty' and 'sorry' are not in their dictionary. They're experts at the blame game and will stick that knife in your back at every opportunity. This shouldn't happen in a community of adults who own up to errors and correct them right away before they get worse. This is called maturtiy, and it breeds respect and good morale.
Sometimes it's a natural human response to try to hide a problem. If you're ever tempted please think for a few seconds-and then don't do it. Be ethical, principled and show accountability and strength of character. Please keep in mind that only resentment lingers when we point fingers.

More bang for the big bucks at Super Bowl XLI

It's not only football coming on super bowl sunday, february 4; it's the annual advertising bonanza that's expected to deliver some of the most expensive 30-second marketing pitches in history. Last years 30-second spots cost a record $2.6 million-and that's just the average. The first and last postions in programming are the most expensive spots and most highly sought after. By way of comparision, 30-second ads on primetime typically run about $400,000. Why do advertisers pay such premium prices? Because the super bowl, for many, is as much about the ads-many of them hilarious-as the game. Regular programs typically lose 5 to 15 percent of an audience during comercial breaks. The super bowl is the rare exception; the majority of the nearly 140 million viewers stay riveted to the tv to see the extravagantly creative and expensive commercials that debut during the game and then become water-cooler talk the next day. What should you expect from this year's commercials? Marketing directors would rather get sacked by six 350-pound linemen than to disclose such expensive secrets. Stay tuned!
Middle Age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the toy.


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