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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas

Back in July Ryan was challenged by some friends to run with them in the Ragnar. They were just getting their group together, so feeling confident and in need of a challenge to get in shape, he agreed. He ran off an on but really got serious last month. I trained with him towards the end and we've both really gotten bit by the running bug. I was so glad I got the opportunity to be there at the finish line and cheer him on. I'm extremely proud of him and all the hard work and dedication he's put forth. He had a great time and did so well! He was runner #11 Their team name was The Impersonators so they had the "flasher", a biker, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Simmons, and others. Ryan was Dustin Pedroia from the Red Sox. The course was from Lake Mead to Las Vegas 188 miles. Ryan ran 11.8 miles total. The team finished in 29 hours, 12 minutes.

Here are the pictures I got from the finish line:

These next pictures are from Ryan along the way:

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