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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Training in AZ

Some of our good friends from Utah invited us to meet them in Arizona for Baseball Spring Training. We were originally going to go most of the week, but Ryan ended up having a business trip so we had to cut it short, but it was still great. We drove down Thursday morning then spent the night with Ryan's old boss John Whitlow, in Scottsdale. Miss Hannah did so great on the drive down. She was sleeping or just content hanging out and playing with her toys. She loved all the extra attention and being able to stay up late. Friday morning we met up with Paul and Peggy at IKEA then drove together to Tempe Diablo Field Angels vs. Royals. It was so stinkin hot and poor Hannah was just sweating. We brought her stroller which was a bad idea because it was packed and there was no room for it even if I just wanted to walk around with her. Our seats were on the front row right in the sun. I ended up taking her to the top under a canopy for the majority of the game. We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner then headed over to Peggy's mom's house to play some games. Hannah finally fell asleep in my arms, but woke up when we got back to our hotel. After I fed her she fell asleep around midnight. Saturday morning we picked up some Whataburger before the game so we didn't have to pay Ballpark prices for lunch, but we couldn't bring it into the stadium so we scarfed it down and I had to throw half my drink away anyway. We were much more prepared this time and I carried Hannah in the Baby Bjorn. We got to enjoy the whole game (Angels vs Brewers). It was much cooler and there was a nice breeze that helped. We drove Paul and Peggy to the airport then drove down to Gilbert to see the Temple that will be finished the end of this year. Ryan has a cousin that lives near it so we called her up and popped in to say hello to Tom and Jen. We had a great visit and ate lots of yummy pizza. That night Hannah slept almost 11 hours and then we headed back home. It was a short trip but so nice to get away. Ryan's been gone a lot this month and still has 2 trips before our cruise in April, so it was great to spend some time with him. We are so grateful that Hannah is such a good baby. She is just so sweet and just goes with the flow. We are blessed.

Ryan got to drive John's dirt bike. He did a wheely and his hat flew off. Baby did not participate.

 Us at the game Saturday scarfing down our lunch.


My view from the shade

John's fluffy cat. So cute and snugly.

Ryan wore his Boston with Pride although they were not there.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hannah @ 3 months

- will laugh for us. especially for Dad
-cries when she gets startled while nursing
-sleeps between 10-11 hours each night
-takes 4 naps a day @ 1 1/2-2 hrs each
-sucks on her left fist. sometimes she likes it sometimes she doesn't
-coos like crazy
-got sick around Valentine's for about a week. that was not fun
-drools a lot
-still spits up a lot
-getting better at tummy time
-pretty much has full head control
-wears 0-3 size
-had a goopy left eye for a few days. I put breast milk in it and it's gone away.
-loves to just relax during baths. she doesn't squirm or kick
-still falls asleep in her car seat every time
-everyone comments on her beautiful blue eyes
-and says she looks just like daddy

10 weeks

superbowl sunday

11 weeks

valentine's day

12 weeks

 watching TinTin with Mom and Dad


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