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Friday, March 23, 2007

2 bis 3 Gramm für 50 Mark [smurf edition] -

Tara...this is for you! (She always calls me Smurf)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Why I love living in Salt Lake

Besides the fact that our car has been the recipient of thief and break-in, our neighboorhood is just marvelous. Tonight I was grocery shopping at the neighborhood Smith's, and there was a man inside that was bleeding very heavily from his nose. The whole store was silent and staring, and the employee called the cops despite the young man's protests. After being told to stay, he walked out the door right in front of me. As I was putting the groceries into my car I saw him get into a car with a "friend" and drive away. I hesitated getting the license number since I had no idea what was going on and was just scared and stunned. All of a sudden I heard a loud "pop" and looked back to see two young men running down the street from a 7-11 across the street and hop into a car and drive away. Still standing there I saw two cop cars and an ambulance pull in. The Fireman told the cop something and he, the cop, immediately turned around and proceeded to follow the car that had just driven away. I decided what I had seen might have been important so I walked back in Smith's and told the employees what I saw and described the car. Apparently the cops had just left so i was too late, but they were greatful. A fireman came up asking if they new about a burglary across the street at the 7-11. The employees didn't know, but that's what I guessed that I saw. I'm not sure if these two incidents were related, but nontheless, I was terrified. I went to my car and called Ryan to explain what had just happened. The cop that had gone to follow the "burglers" came back and along with the fireman proceeded to scan the area with flashlights where the two men were running through. A lot of cars turned into the parking lot to just park and watch. While driving home I saw a lot of cop cars parading the area just driving around, I assume, trying to get these guys. So there you have it! My lovely home in SLC.


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