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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Happening Wednesday

01. We got a statement in the mail yesterday for Ryan's MRI back in August. Instead of paying $2300, like we planned, we only had to pay $850. Our insurance picked up the rest. What a blessing!
02. Went to a relief society pie demonstration activity and cookie exchange. It got me excited for the Holidays.
03. Found out a dear friend from college is getting married.
04. My weekend trip to Vegas/St. George was great - didn't want to leave the warm weather. More details later.
05. Missed our regional stake conference with Elder Bednar. Bummer
06. Attended the St George temple with my mom and grandma
07. Finished Book II of the Hunger Games. Picking up Book III tonight.
08. Listened to a book on cd and got home before it was over. I had to call my mom at work to find out who the murderer was.
09. A pen went through the wash and got blue ink on a few things. Frustrated.
10. Excited for our Halloween festivities this weekend.
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