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Saturday, November 10, 2012

We have work to do

3 weeks ago we went with the youth in our ward to a stake activity in Socorro. It's about an 1 hour 15 minutes south from our house, but is still in our stake boundaries. We went on a hay ride into the mountain and had a bonfire and ate hot dogs and hot chocolate. It's so fun to be around the youth but it sure makes me feel old. Also, I'm so glad I'm not 16 right now. The youth these days have it hard. I'm grateful I'm married and don't have to worry about dating and the awkwardness of it all :) 
Cool story from General Conference. Ryan came home from the Priesthood session and told me they talked about some youth in our stake. He just happened to be sitting next to the boys that were mentioned in D Todd Christofferson's talk here. Very cool. Our stake President is a screenwriter and has worked with the Brethren on several occasions around the world filming. The night before conference he got a call from D Todd Christofferson asking permission to use the story during his talk. He shared this story with us that night.

It was freezing so I broke out the winter clothes. Syd got this hat for me in Peru.

Our cats have been so snuggly with me. They love to curl up next to me in bed and whenever I sit down. I really believe they can tell I'm pregnant, it's so sweet.

The Eighth Month

32-35 weeks
Sept 29-Oct 20

Had a huge growth spurt. 24 pounds gained.
Getting harder to sleep because it's hard to rollover.
I'm a lot warmer so it's nice the weather is cooling down.
Get shortness of breath and often just need to sit down and rest. Walking 30 minutes each day.
My friend Michelle Cortez threw me a baby shower with ladies from the ward.
Got really sick and stayed home from work 3 days. Went to the doctor to get antibiotics.
Feet still swell.
Getting eager for the pregnancy to be over. I miss my clothes.
Painted the crib white and set it up.
Bought my newborn cloth diapers.
My hips and pelvis are so sore in the mornings, it's hard to even walk. Starting to waddle. 
Finally chose a Pediatrician.
No stretch marks.

The Seventh Month

28-31 weeks
Sept 1-Sept 22

I've been documenting my ever growing belly each week from the beginning. Here's month 7.
The third-and final-trimester!
I continued to feel terrific.
We started taking the Bradley Method childbirth classes.
After switching to insurance through my work we discovered that we'd save about $2000 by giving birth at a hospital rather than a birth center. I was quite disappointed, but it was just too much money to pass up so I transferred back to my midwife Lisa Bishop.
I've been measuring right on track. I took glucose test (loved it!) and results came back normal. I got my second rhogham shot along with tDAP and the FLU shot. 
We registered at Babies R Us on our anniversary weekend and it took us 3.5 hours!
We got a free crib from a college friend. Starting wearing maternity clothes full time. Figured out I have "supine hypotensive syndrome" where lying flat on my back causes a change in heart rate and blood pressure that makes me feel dizzy until I change positions. This explains my "episodes" at the doctor's and dentist.
Started feeling very tired and get breathless just walking up stairs.
Ankles swell most days.
Took a hospital tour and pre-registered.


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