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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Utah trip

We're going home for the Holidays, but Hannah is at such a cute stage I wanted her grandparents to see her before she starts walking. Ryan was going out of town anyway so I picked conference weekend to fly out. We have an airport a few minutes away which made it easier and less busy to fly by myself with Hannah. I was nervous and hoped she'd do well, and she did! We sat next to a nice gal. We were flying into Provo and the plane was packed with young children. Surprisingly, everyone did well. It was a quiet flight, probably because it left at 6:30 AM. Hannah occupied her time playing with the magazines and her toys. Luckily the flight was just over an hour. The last 20 minutes or so she got a little fussy so I broke out the snacks and she happily munched on her puffs until we landed. My sister picked us up from the airport. The first thing I noticed was the mountains, they are beautiful! It's weird the things you forget about, but living out of Utah for 2 years now makes me miss them. It was raining and cold. Hannah doesn't have hardly any warm clothes and we were not prepared. I had only brought a light sweater. We drove up to meet my dad for lunch at McDonald's. Hannah was so sweet and let them hold her. She snuggled right in and layed her head on their shoulders. We went to IKEA and walked around for a bit, then my dad took me home. Hannah fell asleep on the way, so I dropped my dad off and just headed straight for the Everett's so she could get a long nap.

Grandma and Grandpa Everett loved seeing her. They formed a special bond with her while they watched her in April during our cruise. We drove to Logan for Alyssa's volleyball game and she did well staying up late. She wouldn't sleep in the pack n play so I ended up pulling her into bed with me for naps and nighttime. I actually loved this, because she never lets me sleep with her at home. She got to play with cousin Kyler Friday night and I think he got her sick because Sunday her nose started running and it was downhill from there. Grandma took us shopping and bought her some cute shoes, a dress, a coat, and christmas jammies.

 Here is me at 10 months (left) and Hannah at 10 months

My mom took a day off from work and we went to Wheeler Farm with Toni and her kids. Hannah was really grumpy and wouldn't stay in the stroller so I ended up holding her the whole time. We took her to the park, her first time, and she hated it. My mom held her hand as she went down the slide and she cried. I put her on my lap facing me and swung for a bit. She held onto me for dear life and then started crying. She got a fever, another first for her, and her temp got up to 100.7. I gave her some ibuprofen and it dropped her temp to 98.1. She would cry anytime I put her down so I ended up holding her all day. She would just lay on me and sleep. At night I just had to hold her and sing to her and she fell right asleep. I was worried I was getting into a bad habit, but once we got home she got right back to her routine and wouldn't fall asleep in my arms anymore Because she was sick she wouldn't eat anything. I felt bad because my parents didn't get to hold her and saw her sick side most the time. She ended up getting my dad sick and Ryan, once we got home. She developed a bad cough too, and we had a few rough nights, but she's finally doing better although her nose still runs. She has started eating again, so that's good.

I got to see my friend Adria and her new little girl Alyssa in their new home. I was gone for 9 days. It was nice, but it's always good to be home. Hannah fell asleep in my arms on the flight home and slept almost the whole time. Luckily the seat next to us was empty so she wasn't coughing on anyone. We'll fly home for Thanksgiving and again for Christmas. We're going to celebrate her 1st birthday while we're there. I can't believe it's a month away!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hannah @ 10 months

This was my first attempt at a ponytail. Her hair up front is so long, but she hated the elastic because it pulled her hair so I just clipped a bow in but it didn't last long.

Started to pull up on things. 

 She has a future career in dentistry..She loves to scrape the tartar off my teeth.

Dancing with Daddy in the bathroom. 

At the Dr's office for her 9 month checkup. 

She loves to stand at the back door and watch the outside world. 

 She loves Gerber puffs, but sometimes they stick to her. HAHA

 I was in the area so we stopped at the Mesa Temple grounds and walked around.

 I made my own baby wrap and put it to the test. She loves it. 

Daddy went in to put her down for a nap and ended up falling asleep too (and the cat). She will do this for Ryan but not with me. 

 She started making this scrunchy face and we love it. We laugh so she does it more.

 I just love her morning hair

8/29: Became super clingy. I can't leave the room without her crying, and she won't go to Dad.
8/30: Said Dada. She says it a lot but this time she actually said it when she touched his face.
9/6: Spins around in a circle on her bum. She can also stand up and push a chair while holding on. She dances every time she hears a beat and pulls up on everything.
9/8: Started doing her scrunchy face. She loves to suck on Dad's watch, it keeps her happy during church. When she's done nursing she'll sit straight up. She will finally eat food on her own that i set on her tray.  She loves books and will flip through them on her own. She gives big open mouthed kisses.
9/19: This morning while watching her play I started to cry thinking about her growing up. 
She laughs when we laugh. She will snuggle after we pick her up out of the crib. She lays her head on our shoulder. She won't let me feed her anymore with a spoon, she wants to do it herself.
9/25: I thought my milk was drying up because it took a long time to let down twice in a row, but luckily that hasn't happened since.


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