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Friday, March 26, 2010

A trip to St George Part 2

While we were in St. George we also helped Grandma clean out one of the bedrooms. The closet was full of my uncle's clothes from when he lived at home. Funny, funny, stuff. We had a good time sorting through them. A lot of them still had the tags on them! The best part is, he came over later that day and took these shorts home with him...
More "treasures"

We enjoyed a nice afternoon at the park in the warm, sunny weather.

Before we left for home on Monday we made a stop at my Grandpa's farm.

We also placed some beautiful flowers on Grandpa's grave

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A trip to St George

I really enjoyed my 4 day weekend in St George. The weather was perfect and I got to relax and spend some "girl time" with my mom, grandma, and sister. (minus Porter because he's not a girl, but I loved spending time with him too!)

On Friday I went to the Home & Garden show at UVU with Toni, Evan and Porter. We had fun walking around and getting all the SWAG. Porter loved playing in the fountain:
My Grandma wanted us to pick out a pink wreath for her front room. After looking at several stores we decided it would be cheaper to make it. Toni took on the project and it turned out great for her first wreath! Here's us picking out all of the flowers at Michael's:

Not bad, right?

More to come...

My Smith's Trip

You know I love to save money and clip coupons, and this week's grocery shopping was so fun! I took Ryan and went to Smith's last night. He was so impressed by my frugality! They're having a huge March Madness sale where if you buy 8 participating items you get $4.00 off! The sale runs through the end of the month. Here's what I got:

The best deal was 32 oz. Powerade's for $0.25 each! (We bought 11)
pasta .49 each (2)
Del Monte Tomatoes .24 each (8)
Kellogg's Cereal $1.24 each (6)
Salad dressing .49 each
64 oz apple juice .99 each (3)
I also bought (10) Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, on sale for .99 each. I used (5) .30 off 2 coupons from Smartsource and online. Plus the cans had .50 off 4 coupons attached, that I used too.
                                When you buy 6 you'll receive a $4 coupon good on your next shopping order!

Here's the breakdown:

I got $20 off the bill from buying the March Madness items.
I saved $18.50 by using MFG coupons
$73.68 in FreshValue savings
Total Savings 58% $92.18
62 items for $66.95

This is why I love Smith's more than Costco..
I contribute my success to all the great bargain blogs I read

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jazz Defeat Timberwolves

Here are some pictures from the Jazz game we went to on Saint Pattie's Day:

Carlos Boozer (19 points, 11 rebounds) notched a double-double and Paul Millsap came off the bench for 21 points as the Jazz handily defeated the Timberwolves 122-100 Wednesday night at home. Mehmet Okur added 14 points and Kyle Korver had 20 off the bench

We even watched them blowout Toronto tonight!
Deron Williams (18 points, 16 assists, eight rebounds, four steals) and the Jazz easily pushed their winning streak against the Raptors to double digits (10) with a 113-87 win in Toronto on Wednesday. Carlos Boozer also scored 18 points while grabbing 11 rebounds

Go Jazz Go!
Did you know that Kyle Korver leads NBA in three-point accuracy by 7.5 percentage points? He has hit 45-of-79, 57.0 percent of his three-point attempts this season.
He's our favorite player.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The New New One

Ryan's family found a kitty last week so we went up this weekend to see him. He's so cute and teeny! The vet said he's about 4 weeks old, but doing great! His little meow will melt your heart. We really wanted to steal him, but we thought 4 cats might be too many ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uncooked Tortillas

We've been living off of these for weeks. They may be the best thing about Sam's Club. Nothing beats the fresh tortilla smell. We hope we can finish them before they go bad...
Have you tried them? Our sister-in-law told us about them and we're hooked! We feel so authentic.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jazz vs. Timberwolves

We're at the ESA (Ess-Ay) tonight enjoying some NBA basketball! 
Pictures to come.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Fever

(Picture taken Friday)
Today is supposed to be the warmest day of the year and 60's on Wednesday. I can't wait for the warm weather. Hopefully this year it won't snow on my birthday like it has the past two years. This weekend I'm headed to St. George with the girls, can't wait.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Asian Star

Over the weekend we went to another restaurant we've never been to, Asian Star. Ryan loves lettuce wraps and we've had them at a few other places so we ordered their award winning lettuce wraps. I did not like them as much as other's we've had, but Ryan liked them more.
Ryan got Sesame Chicken and I got Cashew Stir Fry w/veggies-vegan. It was so yummy and there was plenty of left overs for the weekend. We even ran into our neighbors there celebrating their anniversary.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Requirements for Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD.
Credit hours (54): 36 hours of course work beyond the baccalaureate degree plus 18 hours of dissertation (EC En 799R).
Required courses: 36 credit hours of graduate course work as specified by the advisory committee; EC En 799R.
Study list: submitted during the first semester of graduate study.
Written qualifying exam: completed by end of second year.
Oral comprehensive exam: completed by end of third year.
Advancement to candidacy.
Final oral examination consisting of public presentation of original research described in dissertation.

Sound tough?
My brother-in-law is one smart cookie and he has done all of that. I got to go to his final oral exam this weekend to support him. He passed! Come April he will be forever known as Dr. Zaugg.
We celebrated by going to The Olive Garden afterwards.

Think we ate enough food!? Look at all of those dishes.
Congratulations Evan! We're so proud of you.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

best of the oscars

Zoe Saldana's dress has too much going on for me. Beautiful color but kinda ostrich-y... it detracted from her beauty all these teirs and ruffles. she gets credit for choosing it. you love it or you hate it.

Lots of poufy ball gowns this Oscars, huh?

Meryl Streep... White. Interesting choice but always a class act!

 Kate W plays it safe but looks great in Silver YSL!

 Wish Tina Fey would break away from black but she looks good!

You know who's a classy lady? Robin Roberts. Seriously. Completely professional and very kind.

 Best of the red carpet. Maggie Gyllenhal appriopiate and relevant as to whats going on in fashion right now. and print, big trend for spring, don't see it very often on red carpet.

J Lo? Pretty color, weird shape.

SJP? Big MISS. people expect a very dramatic look and this is it. love the embeslleshed neckline, little bit wierd but she worked it.

 Sandra Bullock? Unbeeleevable! Stunning! she looks like a gold statue! it's as if she knew she was going to win. it looks so expensive and rich.

tom ford knocked it out of the park. he's gorgeous.

over all the choices were pretty safe. the trends were light pink and neutral metallics.


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