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Saturday, February 27, 2010

i don't understand tattoos

when we watch NBA games we can't help but notice all the tattoos. i don't know about you but i don't understand them. how much thought do you think goes into a tattoo? do they realize that it will be on their body forever? it seems like nba players have the most tattoos. we're watching the nuggets/warriors game and my husband said that he thinks denver's players have the most tattoos. i did a 'lil search on google and found some interesting ones. enjoy:

they call him "birdman" He actually has red wings tattooed on both arms, so when he flaps them after a dunk or a blocked shot, it's as if he's flying. ... and just hideous
Jason Williams decided to go with the less popular "WHIT" "EBOY". What a knucklehead.
"The Suicidal Cartoon" - There are no words. Just look at this tattoo and think about whether it's something you'd want permanently marked on your body.

Those lips belong to his girlfriend, Trina. She actually kissed a piece of paper, then Kenyon had her lip print tattooed on his neck.

just as ryan suspected three of these players are
currently on the Denver Nuggets.
how do you feel about tattoos? would you ever get one?
what would it be and where?

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toni said...

I'm with you 100%. Yuck! By the way, I have some Olympic Q&A I want answered: What are the speed-skater's uniforms made of? Are they spandex, are they 2 pieces? (The men's). I can't help but watch them and wonder "What ARE they wearing?" Very curious.


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