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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be Prepared

the last few days i've been thinking a lot about being prepared. our church teaches us about food storage and how we should have a 3-month supply, water, and a financial reserve.

life is hard. life happens.
it's not if, but when.

we always think that we're immuned, that it won't happen to us,
whatever "it" is.
how long will we wait? what has to happen to jolt us into action?
let's all start now. work on one thing. whether it be food storage or a cash reserve. don't wait until it's too late! are you prepared?


SaRah G. said...

I have been thinking about this very thing!! In our ward, the relief society is doing a WHOLE saturday dedicated to this... it's actually in a couple weeks! It will be good to go and see what I can learn! We don't have any food storage! YIKES!! good stuff to DO, and think about!

The little Lowes said...

My ward talked about this two weeks ago too. We spent a Family Home Evening making sure our 72-hour kits were ready and making a list of the stuff that we are missing for them. It is amazing what peace of mind you have when you realize that you have what you need when you need it.


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