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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Q & A

While watching the olympics i keep asking so many questions. why do they do this? what do they do that for? Well, i thought i'd find out the answers instead of just thinking they're weird. ya ready?

Q1. Do snowboarders wear jeans?
           Exhibit A
i don't know about you, but those look like jeans to me! They seem to be popular this time around and i have to admit, if i was a snowboarder i'd wear them too! I found these sessions rebel denim online for $229.95

A: No, but they sure look like jeans! made me do a 180 (get it?)

Q2: Why do speed skaters wear sunglasses?
         Exhibit B
it sure couldn't be to make them look sexy...
A: according to mentalfloss it’s not very pleasant to have wind blowing in your eyes or drying out your contacts.  Also, it's to protect any flying ice or debri and keeps them focused on the track. By the way, mental floss has other cool "wow! i never knew that!" stuff. check it out.

I couldn't find the answers to a few of my other questions so if anyone knows what the speedskater coaches show them on their clipboards during the final lap or what Shani Davis' workout is, please let me know! If not, enjoy the rest of the Olympics! We are loving them! 


Lindsay said...

Yeah, I was definitely wondering the same thing about the clip boards....hmmm.

Lauren said...

I had the same thought about the snowboard pants; if I were an avid snowboarder, I'd totally wear 'em (minus the fact that they are so expensive). I saw this article today and thought about this post & wanted to share it with you since it talks about one of your Olympic questions. Copy & paste it into your browser...


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