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Friday, February 5, 2010


My sister's been a dental hygienist for almost two years and I had her clean my teeth for the first time last week. It was probably one of the funnest (is that a word?) dentist appointments I've ever had. We joked about the food particles that she cleaned from my teeth (is that an apple?) and while rinsing my mouth the water dribbled down my neck causing us to laugh and me to choke on the water going down my throat. Very nice. The dentist said he could hear us giggling the whole time, but the funny part is that when I arrived at the office I turned around to see my mom walking in too! What a surprise. I guess it was a family affair. He said I had very nice teeth and no cavities which means I don't have my mom's teeth going off of what she's had to get done these past few months.

When I got my braces off 10+ years ago the orthodontist glued a bottom retainer in. My last dentist removed the glue off of one tooth last year to redo my "fake" tooth (my tooth chipped when I was young so half of it is fake) and since then the tooth has moved slightly. Teeth are so interesting to me. How do they move once they've been forced into place? So I asked. The dentist said it's called relapse and your teeth's tendons always remember where they used to be so if they're not forced they will move back. Crazy! So I'm going back in a week or so to get the retainer glued back to my tooth. Now if we can just get Ryan in for a cleaning we'll be good!

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toni said...

Wow, people are really going to trust me! I'm not as un-professional as she makes me sound! We do show you a good time, though. It was tons of fun! Thanks for comin to my office, Tea. Love ya!


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