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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lame Sauce

My company had their annual summer work party on Saturday. I got work off and Ryan and I were both really excited to go. We got back early that morning from AZ (will post on that later) and took a short, OK, really long nap before we headed out. It was at the Wolf Creek Ranch up by Kamas. After arriving we ate lunch, then looked around at the activities. They had horse back riding, a dunk tank, and volleyball. There was one other person from my department there so we ate lunch with her then Ryan made the executive decision to leave. We were both really disappointed at how lamo it was. I even wore my free t-shirt! There were no planned activities or any fun games, like promised. We were mad we drove an hour to get there and wasted all that gas. I guess Todd, the owner of our company owns part of it so he 'suggested' that we go there again this year. If I'm still working there next summer I will surely be putting my 2 cents in regarding the summer party. At least the Christmas party was fun!

Here's me by the horsey.

On the way home we stopped off at the Jordonelle look out point.

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The Carroll's said...

That sucks!

David's Christmas party this last year was at a Casino here in Phoenix. I was like 'really, that sucks a big fat one! I'm not suppose to gamble.' We ended up going to Temple Christmas light instead. We had a much better time there than the casino!


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