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Friday, August 15, 2008


Ryan loves to golf. His sister, Alyssa, is starting to learn and his dad's just a good sport to always go along. I decided I'd go enjoy the day with them. It was freezing and started to pour at the 3rd hole. It was pretty miserable until right there at the end. I hit my first drive, after attempting 3 or 4 times. I'm definitely not a golfer. Because the green was still wet, one of Ryan's hits stuck right in the ground. (see below)


Mama J said...

I will say it's takes awhile to appreciate the sport, but gets more fun as you keep going and get better. But it definitely is FRUSTRATING!!! especially when it pours...yikes! Advice: go only when it's sunny.

Stephanie said...

Matt loves golf too! We are planning to go before summer ends - but I'm just going to drive the cart cause I'm HORRIBLE at golf :) I'm pretty good at the driving range... when I get lucky but just cause I like hitting it hard :) I love the picture of the golf ball in the ground :)


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