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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Big One

Oh, don't mind our SMALL TV. One of Ryan's co-workers asked if he wanted to keep it for him while he is in Chicago until June for an internship. Of course, he said yes. Not really thinking how big it was, he went to pick it up. When I saw it I just laughed. It's huge. 61" It takes up our whole wall! We are really spoiled with it and will enjoy it while it lasts.


The Carroll's said...

HOLY TV!! That is massive!!

It's really gonna suck when you have to give it back in June!

John & Melanie said...

Nice! that's the kind of stuff that dreams are made of! Free big screen! Sweet!

Fabulously Broke said...

Uh oh. It's how it starts, you know that right ;)

First the pre-TV.. then it gets taken away... then you crave one... LOL

Jon Dunn said...

We have a 63" :P



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