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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Softball anyone?

Two weeks ago I did end up going away with Ryan. I ditched all responsibility and Ryan and I drove to Delta Utah with his brother and wife for an all night softball tournament. Ryan's brother had a spot open on his team, so of course, Ryan jumped at the opportunity. Luckily Jessica was there with me to keep me awake. Their first game was at 10:00 PM, then 1:00 AM, then 4:00 AM. We had a good time eating junk food and playing games. They lost all 3 games, but good thing because by the 3rd game we were ready to sleep! If they would have won, we would've been there until the afternoon. We got home around 7:30 AM, then slept until 4:00, went to dinner then went back to bed. I'm definitely getting too old for all-nighters...not in college anymore...

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everett311 said...

Tea! I have been meaning to comment about your new Twilight....fetish!?!?! I am SO excited!
PS: Your blog is hard to leave comments on, it doesn't like mine I guess ;)


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