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Friday, July 31, 2009

The 24th of July

This year for the Holiday weekend we went camping with Ryan's family. Jessica was able to bring up the boat so we enjoyed two full days on Deer Creek Reservoir. It was really cold in the mornings, then all of a sudden it would heat up. The water was pretty cold, but it was fun anyway. We went tubing and wake boarding, then spent Saturday on the jet ski's. We all got SUNBURNED and right now Ryan and I are peeling like crazy! This was our first time wake boarding. Ryan was never able to get up, and every time I got up I would fall, but I did get up.

Enjoying a swim and getting Janessa on the wake board.

Jessica and Ryan on the boat ready to go!




I had never been fishing before and wanted to go so we went fishing Friday night. We didn't catch anything, but I learned a lot!

Notice Ryan's taped finger. That's from when he cut off the tip of his finger while slicing an onion. Probably needed stitches, but we just super glued it instead...

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Eric and Ash said...

Looks like TONS of fun!! Hope Ryan's finger is okay...

everett311 said...

Looks like fun! Sad we missed it


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