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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The 4th

4th of July, 2006 Fireworks.Image by ohad* via Flickr

As per tradition we spent the 4th of July up in Perry. Ryan and his brother had a great softball team this year and they ended up winning the softball tournament! They creamed their dad and sister's team (sorry!) But it was fun! They even got a t-shirt to prove it ;) It was a little cooler all day, but heated up fast AFTER I changed into jeans of course. We randomly saw my aunt and uncle at the Perry park as well! I guess they used to live there twenty some odd years ago. I was a 'lil disappointed in the Brigham City fireworks. At one point there was a really long pause between them and we weren't quite sure if there was a finale or not. Overall, a fun weekend with family.
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