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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Twilight Saga

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I finished the Twilight Saga on July 16th. I must say I didn't LOVE the last book, it got a little weird for me. I think the first book is my favorite. Bella bugged me throughout with all the back and forth heart-breaking stuff, she's a little crazy! Love Edward, but Jacob's a cutie. I loved his TOUGH-guy personality and how he never backed down. Definitely recommend the books to all. I even got on Stephenie Meyers website to read all the edited chapters. I can't wait to see 'New Moon' in November! I gotta say, Ryan loves them and is just as obsessed as me, he even finished reading them before I did! I got 'The Host' from the library but haven't read that much of it yet.
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Mrs. Petersen said...

You will really like the Host. Some parts were hard to get through but overall, it was Fabulous! P.S. I think we should get the girls together to go and see New Moon. What do you think?

Karalee said...

I agree with you on how the 4th book turned all weird. The first book is still my favorite though! I loved the host. It was kind of long and boring in just a couple of parts but the rest was fantastic...such an awesome story!


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