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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our little ones.....

Ryan and I have been wanting to get a cat for a long time. In our old place we had to pay more, so we decided to wait until we moved. On our date last night we went to the Humane Society of Utah. I hate going there because it makes me so sad. Animals shouldn't be locked up like that. They would all just look so sad! I decided that we'd better do some good and get two. We didn't want to separate any litter, so we got these two gems. We're not sure what to name them yet. Any suggestions? The white one is so much smaller than the black, although they told us they're from the same litter. They're about 14 weeks old, and so lovable, just what we wanted. They're so much fun! They insisted sleeping in our bed last night, and kept Ryan up most the night wanting to be petted. We love our babies!

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