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Friday, September 28, 2007

Snowmobile Trip

One of Ryan's favorite things to do is to snowmobile. We didn't get to go last year, so this year we booked a trip. We invited family and friends to come, and we set a date. It's very nice because it gives us something to look forward to in December, besides Christmas, that is. The date is December 29, the last Saturday in December. My 2 sisters and their husbands are coming, along with Ryan's twin brother, Devin. I've been snowmobiling twice before, and it is a lot of fun. We're going to Beaver Creek Lodge, up Logan Canyon. Here's hoping for snow!


What a cute family. said...

Try to not kill too many animals...RYAN!

Teandra and Ryan said...

If they can't outrun a snowmobile...then they don't deserve to live!!!! J/K But seriously!


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