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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The New Cats

After our kitties died, the Human Society gave us some exchanges good for 6 months. Ryan wanted to get new ones right away to help fill the void, but I was just worried the same thing would happen to other ones. After spending a day bleaching and sanitizing the whole house, we went back Monday night and got two more cats. We steered clear of kitties, because they're so susceptible, but cat's 1 and older should be fine because they've had all their shots. I found one I liked, but none of the other cats got along with it, so we decided we'd have to get two siblings again. We found 2 that would actually come to us and seemed loving, so we got them. They wouldn't come out from under the bed for one night, but since then, they are fine. We love them very much and are enjoying their sweetness and cuddles.

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