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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Feline Distemper

When Ryan and I adopted our kittens we had to sign a document that informed us of Feline Distemper which is quite common right now. Some of the symptoms are: lethargy, loss of apetite, vomiting, diarrhea...etc. After work yesterday i noticed how they would just lie down all evening. Which is very strange for kittens. I thought they were just tired or something. The little white kitten, I noticed, would end up in different parts of the house lying down, like it couldn't sleep. I noticed that it would just lay by the water dish with his head hanging over, but not drink. I found him lying in the litter box. I thought he was just very tired, and zonked off inside the litter. Ryan came home shortly after that and I showed him. He nudged him trying to wake him up and he didn't move. At this point, I started to worry. He tried to stand him up on his legs, but he wouldn't. He literally had no energy, and it was then that I realized all the cute things I thought he was doing were deadly. We immediately called the vet because I realized that it might have this feline distemper virus. A couple minutes into the phone call the cat twitched, then took his last breath. I have never seen something more sad in my life. I started bawling. The vet said we could either throw him away or take him in and have him cremated. Of course, I didn't want to throw him away, so we went to the vet. We took the black cat too, because now, we're assuming it's affected as well. After a lot of heartache and tests, the cat was indeed infected. We had a couple options. We could either try and heal him, which the vet said hardly any cats survive, and was very expensive, take him home, or have him put down. At this point we could tell he'd already gotten worse, and the likeliness of him surviving was grim. After a long cry and goodbye we gave him to the vet and left.

I can't believe how attached I got to animals we barely had for one day. It's so sad.


What a cute family. said...
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What a cute family. said...

I'm so sorry about your kitties, Teandra! You're such a sweet lady.

Jenn's Spot on the World Wide Web said...

Teandra-that's exactly how David and I felt about the dogs. The pound didn't tell us though that they might be sick. They handed us the dogs and said 'one of them has diarrhea, here ya go' Needless to say, we found out which one. I am really sorry that you lost both kitties. We were lucky that Blue wasn't infected with Parvo.


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