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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Shades of immaturity?

We've all seen people like him. They think they're perfect, and don't believe they're ever wrong: me? My fault? Are you nuts? Get outta here!
Whenever a problem occurs, it's never they're fault-it's yours, or someone else's. The words 'responsibilty' and 'sorry' are not in their dictionary. They're experts at the blame game and will stick that knife in your back at every opportunity. This shouldn't happen in a community of adults who own up to errors and correct them right away before they get worse. This is called maturtiy, and it breeds respect and good morale.
Sometimes it's a natural human response to try to hide a problem. If you're ever tempted please think for a few seconds-and then don't do it. Be ethical, principled and show accountability and strength of character. Please keep in mind that only resentment lingers when we point fingers.

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