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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I-pods anyone?

Ryan has discovered the beauty of Ebay. After a lot of stress and annoyance from not being able to sell back our wedding gifts, we just posted them on Ebay. We've sold a couple so far too! Ryan is constantly buying and selling ipods also, along with buying broken phones and fixing them up. It's kind of like his little home-based business. He buys them cheap, then sells them so we get a little profit. He loves it, and it's been fun for him. The problem is that because he doesn't have a business account or saved up funds, we pay out of pocket. So, until we receive payment, our bills are high. It's charged to our credit card, which this month, is pretty high. He told me today that he's not going to keep doing it. Only if he gets paid in advance so he can use their money to purchase the item instead of using our money and racking up our credit card. Anyway, he's quite popular, especially at work, and is known as the I-pod guy. He has probably bought and sold about 20 i-pods so far. Yes, we got one, and it is pretty cool and nice. It holds about 1000 songs, which we'll never fill; it's a pretty cool accessory.

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