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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

North & South

My dear sister Tara hosted a "North & South" party yesterday. Now I was a bit unsure of this movie because I don't like Pride & Prejudice, but my sisters have said, "It's much better!" Because I'm feeling so unsocial, i decided, what the heck, and to give it a try. Granted, I only got part way through because I had to leave for work, but what I saw was pretty good. Wanna know what the best part about it was? Tara made wonderful fondu. She had a pizza sauce, cheese sauce, and chocolate, and boy did I take advantage. It was wonderful and I enjoyed the company. (My mom, Toni, Tara, Johnny, and Guido.) I'm stopping by their home tonight to get the rest of the movie. I have time tomorrow and Thursday because Ryan will be in Seattle helping my brother paint his house! Anyway, it was lot's of fun. Thanks Tara!

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