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Saturday, February 3, 2007

More bang for the big bucks at Super Bowl XLI

It's not only football coming on super bowl sunday, february 4; it's the annual advertising bonanza that's expected to deliver some of the most expensive 30-second marketing pitches in history. Last years 30-second spots cost a record $2.6 million-and that's just the average. The first and last postions in programming are the most expensive spots and most highly sought after. By way of comparision, 30-second ads on primetime typically run about $400,000. Why do advertisers pay such premium prices? Because the super bowl, for many, is as much about the ads-many of them hilarious-as the game. Regular programs typically lose 5 to 15 percent of an audience during comercial breaks. The super bowl is the rare exception; the majority of the nearly 140 million viewers stay riveted to the tv to see the extravagantly creative and expensive commercials that debut during the game and then become water-cooler talk the next day. What should you expect from this year's commercials? Marketing directors would rather get sacked by six 350-pound linemen than to disclose such expensive secrets. Stay tuned!

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