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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So we're planning a trip to Mexico in two weeks. I attempted to get us some passports (mine expired last year, and ryan's got destroyed on his mission) a couple months ago, but heard that you had to have your airline tickets in order to get them. Well, we hadn't planned a trip just knew we wanted passports for future vacations. After getting invited to go out of the country, we knew we had to get on it.

First obstacle: Time
Because of our crazy work schedules by the time we get up and going it's about noon and we have to be home by 2 so Ryan can go to work. Anyway, we go to the post office and there is a long line. We wait, and wait, and wait, while time passes us by and we know today will not be the day to get our passports.

Second Obstacle:Birth Certificate
We finally find time to go, fill out all the paperwork get my picture taken for it (15.00!) and Ryan can't go any further in the process because he doesn't have his birth certificate. He has a copy of it, but the real one is at his parents house. Obviously we don't have time to get it (refer to obstacle 1) so the lady tells us to go to the Heath Service Bureau to get one.

Third Obstacle: Money
Because passports take 8 weeks to come we needed to expidite it. That's extra money, but they cannot guarantee two week shipping. To be certain the postal employee referred us to the Travel Broker, a company that can get it to us in 5-10 days. Once again, time is of the essence, so we had to put that trip off until today. We go with the new birth certificate and all paperwork and get it done. We tried to save money by taking our own picture for ryan's passport, but wouldn't you know, we cannot find our camera!!!! It get's worse. Our car got broken into on Sunday and Ryan's wallet was stolen. In order to get a passport you have to show them your i.d. Luckily, thinking in advance Ryan brought his work badges with two forms of i.d. Because of our less than two week trip the final cost for our passports will be $514. ouch. Let's hope we make it to Mexico, and don't spend anymore money!!!! Let this be a lesson to ya'll. Do you have your passport?

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