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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our move

We moved into our new house on April 10th. That morning we had the delivery of our house and got the keys.

We had everything boxed up and had scheduled movers to come that afternoon. After waiting 30 minutes no one showed up. We called and the lady said they double booked us and no one would be available for a few hours. I was so ticked. We started loading up our cars. We each took 3 loads over before the movers showed up. Everything was basically out except for the heavy stuff. It took them a few hours too. I had told my friend I would watch her kids that night, expecting that we'd be done, but the time came so I left Ryan to finish up. They only accepted cash so we'd taken out what we thought it would be. Turns out it was more so Ryan had to load Hannah up and the movers followed Ryan to the ATM. Well, somehow his wallet ended up in my purse, so he had to drive over to where I was and I had to go out and give him his wallet. Hahaha it's easy to laugh now, but what an experience.

Here's our house the night before moving day.

Hannah sitting down and enjoying the last moments in this house.

This is how we kept her occupied while we packed.

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