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Saturday, August 16, 2014

March 2014

Here's a picture of our rental home. Our first place in Arizona. We lived here almost a year, and loved that house.

1st haircut! I cut it myself and right after I did it I regretted it. It was way too short! She was not happy either as you can see. Luckily it grows fast.

Hannah loves Dr Seuss books. I got this one from the library, but I'm not sure I liked the message...

Our cat kept running outside and wouldn't come back. He loved exploring in the yard.

Fun at the splash pad behind our new house.

Our new house! (more on that later)

Some cute little lizards in the front.

Hannah was helping us pack the house.

I got pinkeye. It was terrible! It lasted for about a week.

Her hair is so long. I was having fun styling it one night after her bath.

Her 3rd molar popped through on March 16th. #4 on March 23rd (bottom)

She does not like pasta, but she LOVES green smoothies.

On March 15 she got a fever and had it for 2 days. She wanted nothing more than snuggling and I was okay with that.

I found her just lying on the floor reading a book.

She says "uh-oh" and "ssshhh"
Can climb on the couch herself!

Paul and Peggy came down for some Spring Training games again this year. I got to go to 2 games. One with Hannah, one without. I was worried she would be all over the place but she did great! Paul bought her a snow cone and that kept her occupied the whole time. She didn't really eat it as much as she just enjoyed playing with the straw.

I was watching our neighbors kids and we decided to build a fort while Hannah slept.

We went to the Hawaiian festival in Tempe with Ryan's co-worker Eric Hiscock, and his wife Lindsay. It was a free event so it was packed. We got lunch and that's about it. Hannah did love her Jamba Juice though.

Hannah does not like blankets or anything wrapped around her or on her head. She's always been like this.

Driving home one night after dinner we saw this hot air balloon and followed it to see where it landed. It wasn't too far from our house.

Hannah had her 1st dentist appointment on March 31st. She did well and the Dentist was impressed that I was taking good care of her teeth. I don't give her juice or anything gummy or give her sippies in bed. We brush her teeth every night. She got a little duck from him and chewed on it the whole way home.

She loves necklaces and loves to dance.

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