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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

May 2014

Ryan was in Utah the first week of May, so I got busy on some projects. 
I made a teepee for Hannah's playroom,

and hung these in the garage.

I also hung up these rain gutter shelves in Hannah's room. The middle was sagging so I added brackets to each after I took this picture. The employee at Lowe's really helped me a lot. I'm definitely a beginner.

Hannah is fearless and she loves to climb! That's dirt/mud on her bottom, not pooh, by the way. Stupid swim diapers.

His business trip was perfect timing for Alyssa and Jared's college graduations. They were the same weekend so Ryan was able to see both.

We had a nice afternoon at IKEA and enjoyed some dinner.

She loves to look at her reflection from the handle.

There is a family of ducks that live in the pond near our home.

Hannah loves jewelry. She also likes to wear Daddy's watches as bracelets. My sister Tara gave me the idea to buy her mardi gra beads at the dollar store. She loves them and wears them everywhere.

Ryan won this at a golf tournament.

After living in our house for a month, we finally got blinds!

Came in the front room to find her laying on a pillow.

5/19: At 17 months old Hannah had her first accident. We had just got back from the grocery store. I ran all the groceries inside then went into the bathroom. I heard Hannah crying so I thought she was just sad I left her in the other room. She came into the bathroom and I noticed a few blood drops on the floor. Thinking it was me, I checked to see if I was bleeding. Then I saw her finger oozing blood. I quickly went to the sink to rinse it off, then I saw how bad it was. She was screaming and I started to panic. As I wrapped her finger in a paper towel I tried to see what she could have cut it on. There was nothing sharp in the grocery sacks, no knives or scissors within reach. I put a band-aid on it, strapped her in the car seat, and headed to the insta care. She had stopped crying, I'm pretty sure she was in shock. I signed her in and we waited. A nurse came out to talk to another patient, saw her, and told us we could come back even though they hadn't called our name. They weighed her, gave her some Tylenol, then the nurse cleaned her wound so she could see if it needed stitches. I felt dumb not being able to give them any information on how it happened. I swear I didn't hurt my child! There was no skin to sew back together, just a chunk gone. She bandaged it back up and we waited for the doctor.

He came in and cleaned it again then put some surgi-foam on it to help it clot and stop bleeding. I had to put pressure on it for a few minutes. She hated all of this, of course, so I just sang to her to try and calm her down. He had to add more foam, but when it finally stopped bleeding he wrapped it up. He told us to keep it dry for a few days and that the foam would eventually fall off when it starts to scab over. The bandage fell off the next day so I just had to keep putting band-aids on it. Her finger never seemed to bother her. She would just point to it and say "ouch." She fought us when we tried to put band-aids on, however. She would keep her hand just like this, with her finger straight. She started pointing with her thumb and I got worried she'd never use that finger again, but she since has. It healed up pretty nicely and I think there is a small scar. The only thing we can think of that makes sense is she grabbed onto the bottom metal edge of our oven as she was falling and cut it that way. Several times since she has pointed to the oven and said "ouch." It is pretty sharp under there.

Trying on Daddy's shoes.

Her first week in nursery was on her 18 month birthday, May 25th. I wanted to be there with Ryan to drop her off. Ryan was waiting with her by the nursery door and when he picked her up to walk around and find me she started crying so he just took her right in. She loved it!

We were at the Goode's house one evening and Jen had these boa's and hat. She put them on her and Hannah lit up. She was strutting around just loving it! She had us all laughing, it was pretty cute.

Jen had the video camera hooked up to the tv so she could see herself.

I got these fun masks so we took a Memorial Day family photo.

Can you tell I love a sleeping Hannah?

My next project was her playroom. I got the pictures, shelf, table/chairs, and chalkboard from IKEA. I ordered the rug from and I made the teepee. I bought the cloud decal from groopdealz. I love how it turned out!

I started her in mama and me swim lessons through the city on May 27th. She loved the water but hated having to float on her stomach and back. She screamed mamammama noonononono the whole time. Each week got a little better. She loved jumping off the edge into the pool. She passed off everything accept blowing bubbles, which she can now do.

I also made this shelf while Ryan was out of town. I had the wood cut to size, then I sanded and painted it and screwed it together. Ryan helped me hang it. I'm a rookie, don't look too close, but I'm very proud of it. My dad really inspired me to do more DIY projects, I'm on a roll.

Hannah loves olives. She likes to play with and twirl her hair when I read to her. She still moans herself to sleep. She can say "cat, Hannah, and amen" She makes the sound for fish. She also learned "no."

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