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Saturday, August 16, 2014

More pictures from February

Hannah got sick on Feb 1st, but she was still happy as can be. She was standing on Dad's shoe.

I made some Montessori activities for her. Here she is putting pipe cleaners into the holes. I also bought a piggy bank for her to put coins into. Just working on her coordination.

She signs "I Love You" when I put her down for a nap. Also, she snuggles into the corner.

Aunt Toni gave Hannah this stroller for her birthday. She loves to push her doll (or bear) around.

She signs "thank you" and here she is blowing kisses.

She is a daredevil. She loves to be upside down and do somersaults (assisted). She will come up to me and give me hugs.

She makes a "sssss" sound for snakes. I taught her how to climb off the curb. She goes head first.

Here are some neighbor kids taking a dip in the pool. It was freezing, but they didn't seem to mind.

My sister, Toni, and her family came for a visit. They got to go to the Gilbert Temple Open House and enjoy our beautiful weather. We spent a lot of time playing outside.

Hannah likes to eat dirt by the way.

Our friends from New Mexico, the Cortez's, stopped to visit for an evening too. We had a great bbq dinner outside. Hannah enjoyed wrestling with Daddy.

2/18 Just noticed two molars poking through on top. one on each side.

She wears her stacking rings as bracelets.

She wants me to read books all day. She picks one up and follows me around the house with it. This one was a favorite. (Panda Bear What Do You See?) Also loves Baby Animals. She loves reading the same book over and over. She loves giving me hugs and climbing on my lap.


When she gets really excited she'll open her mouth huge. 

Here she is with Luke Noall. His momma, Kristina, is my best friend here. So sad they've since moved to Minnesota.

She climbs on everything and sucks on all her fingers because she's teething.

She can now stack her blocks. She uses a spoon, but just dips it in the food. She gets frustrated because she doesn't get much so she uses her hands. She holds her fork but can't pierce food yet. I pierce it for her and she gets it to her mouth. I ended up buying her some toddler forks and she can pierce peas and put them in her mouth. 

Constantly saying mamamamamamama. She gives everything kisses, even books. She can pick out shapes. She likes to walk backwards. She takes the dial off the humidifier and carries the humidifier container around.

She comes running when she hears the dishwasher open, but she hates the vacuum. She even won't walk by it when it's off. 

On Feb 22 Ryan got to go to the NHRA race. Hertz sponsors Tony Pedregon and Ryan got to meet him and his team. He also had starting line passes. He said his whole body shook when the cars took off. Unreal experience.

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