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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Ninth Month

36-40 weeks
Oct 27-Nov 25

Total weight gain 28 lbs
Went over birth plan with Midwife. Overall very impressed with the practice and hospital.
Ankles very swollen.
My Midwife told me she was leaving the practice and probably wouldn't deliver my baby. My last appointment was Nov 13 where she checked me. I was measuring right on track. Babies HB 140. Strep B Test. Baby was head down and "lodged." She had me feel her head. Estimated @ 5 3/4 lbs. 50% effaced and -1 station.
Sore hips and pelvis. Hard to walk. Hard to be on my feet all day. Everyone says I look small.
Had a neat experience at the Temple that helped us finalize her name.
Bought a Bumbo and Baby Bjorn at The Mother Load Sale. Found a bunch of stuff at Consignment Stores too.
Dressed up as an 8 ball for Halloween.
My cousin took some Maternity Pics.
Had baby shower.
Went on Babymoon to Santa Fe.
Missed our last birthing class because baby came.
Cupcakes from work.
Paid hospital co-pay.
Started having contractions.

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Lindsay said...

Hannah! She is BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait for more pictures! Congratulations!!!


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