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Friday, January 11, 2013

Hannah's blessing

We blessed Hannah on Saturday, Dec 22nd while we were in Utah at my parent's house. We decided to do it then since his family would already be in salt lake for family pictures.We missed my sister and brother but were glad all of Ryan's family could attend. Ryan gave such a beautiful blessing. We are so grateful for the priesthood and all those that came to support us. We sure love this little girl.

Funny story: we bought pizza for everyone and while we were waiting for everyone to arrive my mom put them in the oven to keep warm. A few minutes later, Ryan smelled something burning and opened the oven to find flames. The pizza box had started on fire! We all just stood around not knowing what to do. Finally, Ryan grabbed a hot pad reached in and grabbed the box and threw it in the sink. One pizza box and one package of bread sticks got ruined. We opened the windows but the house smelled like smoke. My mom felt so bad, but it was kind of funny.

all the men in the circle


Kim said...

You guys are such a cute family:) I especially love the picture of the three of you, it looks like Hannah is smiling!

Lauren said...

She's such a doll, Tea. Congratulations! I've enjoyed reading about your experiences of the last few months.

Kristina Bills said...

I think you dad is THE happiest grandpa EVER!!! He is just so proud in that last picture! :D


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