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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hannah @ 2 months

- still wears newborn size
- sleeps in our room at night
- loves her binky
- can roll from tummy to back
- smiles like crazy
-loves to be swaddled when she sleeps
-takes 5 naps a day
-eats every 3 hours
- makes lots of noise
- spits up after each feeding. we keep a bib on her most the time
-loves walks
- sleeps between 5-7.5 hrs each night. slept 9 hours last night
- falls asleep in her car seat every time
- loves her kick'n crawl playhouse
-only cries when she's hungry
-such a good, sweet baby
-loves her Vitamin D drops

10.12 lbs 45%
23 1/4 inches 80%
She took the shots like a champ and slept all day. I never gave her any Tylenol.

1 comment:

Kristina Bills said...

TEANDRA!!! Hannah is beautiful!!! And yay she can do a trick! LOVE it!


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