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Friday, March 26, 2010

A trip to St George Part 2

While we were in St. George we also helped Grandma clean out one of the bedrooms. The closet was full of my uncle's clothes from when he lived at home. Funny, funny, stuff. We had a good time sorting through them. A lot of them still had the tags on them! The best part is, he came over later that day and took these shorts home with him...
More "treasures"

We enjoyed a nice afternoon at the park in the warm, sunny weather.

Before we left for home on Monday we made a stop at my Grandpa's farm.

We also placed some beautiful flowers on Grandpa's grave


Jason, Becca and the four Kneefights said...

Fun fun! I love seeing your trip to visit family in St. George. It could have been so easy for our families to bump into each other at the park growing up, we visited so often. But my Grandma died almost a year ago and it's weird how much my connection to St. George has diminished just from that. It's great that P will get a little bit of those St. George times. :)

Jonathan and Kiri said...

What a nice little getaway with the girls! I love getting away to visit family. Spending time with people we love is the greatest! The lovely clothing was so fun to see. Mostly because I think we've all seen the fun "treasures" (is that the right word?? haha) our grandparents have kept over the years. But I'm sure our kids and grandkids will say the same things about we end up have lying around!

(For example: gyncos... Don't think I've forgotten those Monte Vista days where we all had our own pairs!)


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